The Best Fitness Gif

I saw this today and, as someone else said, it is mesmerizing.


And, aside from being really, really, REALLY awesome, it’s informative.  It gives you a demo of 48 exercises.

Love it!

~Fit Bitch

Ringing in the New Year Right

The New Year is just upon us and as we ring the old year out we should ring the New Year in with a commitment to better health and fitness.

And with that I am providing you with the following Full Body Workout for the Week.

This is a kick-start program that will rev your body into high gear.


If  you’re new to exercising, remember there are always modifications for the more difficult exercises (like, the burpee*).  As you get more comfortable with the moves they can become more explosive.

What I really like about this week-long program is that it is a full body workout.  My classes are usually full body and I live for a good full body workout myself.

AND, this workout won’t take a lot of time to do so you can ensure that your first week of fitness in 2016 is a success.

(*to modify a burpee simply ease your way down to the floor, get into push up/high plank position, and then get right back up again, reaching high into the air.)

Also, to ensure you start the New Year off on the right foot, here are your Rules for Healthy Living.

Rules for a Healthy Life

I LOVE this!  Rules to live by!

Try these Rules for just one week (longer, please!) and I guarantee you will see a change in your body, in your mood, in your appetite, in your clarity, in your health overall.

Ditch the sugar, ditch the process, ditch the worry, ditch the negativity.  Open your mouth, let out a big sigh, and let it go.

We all want to be at our best.  Exercising and healthy eating and healthy choices and abundantly healthy living will help us to get there.

Happy (almost) New Year!!

~Fit Bitch



Encourage Each Other


Every day someone you know will start an exercise program.  Be supportive of him or her.  Regardless of whether you think the person will succeed or stick with it.

Frankly, it’s none of your business.  That person is trying.  And whether he/she is setting him/herself of for failure is not a significant factor.  What is significant is that he/she is trying.

Give this person your support.  Give this person some encouragement.  A lot of the time that’s all that is needed for success.

So often we are more than happy to discourage other people.  We are too quick to jump on a person’s aspirations and beat them down.  I’ve had my fair share of beat downs – plenty of people back in the day who told me my weight loss journey was going to fail.  Pffft!  Look at me now!

We are about to enter a new year.  Let’s all make a resolution to be a little nice and encouraging and lend some admiration to those who are just beginning their journeys.  A kind word and a pat on the back is, perhaps, all it will take to keep them going.

~Fit Bitch


Merry Fitness Christmas

Christmas Yoga

Merry Christmas to you all.

Enjoy this time with your family and loved ones.

Be safe. Be merry.

Remember it’s perfectly fine to indulge in all the wonderful treats and foods and drinks of the holidays.  Just try your best to not over do it….and if you over indulge, it’s not the end of the world.  You’ll get right back on track.

Santa be like

Yesterday All this week I’ve been indulging.  But I’ve been sure to keep up with workouts and runs and have been running up and down the stairs at work extra times to ensure I can burn off just a few more calories.

Last night I went shopping from work, then had dinner with my parents (take-out – something they never do) and then met up with some friends for a coffee date.  All I could think about all day was getting home in time to go for a run.

And that’s exactly what I did.  I ran a few miles (my best time yet, BTW), and as soon as I got home I threw up.  I over did it on the garbage treats during the day and pushed myself too hard in my run and I felt like a big bag of crap when I got home.

Try not to let this happen.

Merry Christmas!!  Looking forward to the new year.

~Fit Bitch

Love Your Body



I exercise to honor my body and my health. I don’t work out because I have to. I work out bease my body is my temple and I want to keep it in pristine condition for as long as I can.

Stop looking at your workout as a punishment or chore and, instead, see it as a reward for your health – mental and physical and emotional and spiritual. Love your body.

Honor it.

~Fit Bitch

10 Days ’til Christmas Workout

Ack!!!   Christmas is only ten days away.  TEN.DAYS!!

A few years ago I posted on how to avoid holiday weight gain (you can read the article here (since WordPress changed their format – again! – I can’t figure out how to upload it property):

So when I saw this at home workout this morning I thought it was very fitting.  You can do it anywhere.  It’s pretty basic and it’s exercises you’re likely already familiar with.

Christmas workout

You can do this for the next 10 days – while you’re preparing to gorge yourself on your Christmas feast – and continue it afterward when you don’t necessarily have the time to hit the gym.

Since you don’t need a lot of room you can do these exercises in your living room when you’re watching your favorite Christmas movie or when you need to take a break from wrapping presents.

Believe me, I know that our lives are already pretty hectic.  And when the holidays roll around we focus on everything and everyone else and put ourselves on the back burner – when we really don’t need to.

This fun little workout takes only a few minutes so you can do it once (at least) or several times – or several times throughout the day.

There’s no reason we can’t fit five minutes into our day for our physical and mental health.

Have fun.

~Fit Bitch

Push Through It

Reason 645

Sometimes we give up long before we need to.

I’ve realized that I can keep running well after the voice in my head tells me to stop for a breather.

Don’t get me wrong, sometimes a break is warranted – I often need to bring my heart rate down to a normal rate, or catch my breath (especially now that it’s colder weather outside) – but there are times when I’ve stopped to break, or altogether given up, when I could have – and should have – pushed through it and kept on going.

I hear Shaun T’s voice in my head yelling “Dig Deeper!”, and I do.  I dig a little deeper and push a little harder and I get a little (or a lot) further into my work out.  And the next time I get even further.

Let’s not be too eager to give in.

~Fit Bitch


When I was younger my aunt used to always tell me I had a big bum.  I would get really irritated with her because A) I was young  B) I already had self-esteem issues C) She was a big woman and who was she to tell me I had a big butt?

When I was in college I realized “Eff me!  I have a booty!”

I have loved my booty and I have lost my booty (it’s always the first thing to go when I lose weight – the boobs quickly follow).  Since I started running again this last year – like, really running again, like, nearly every day – I have watched my bum disappear a little.  But, for the most part, it’s still there.  And you know what?  I love my butt!

I do!  I love it.  It’s round and it’s grab-worthy (yes, I’m tooting my own horn), and it holds my pants up.  What more could I asked for?

The other night I was changing out of my gym clothes and caught a glimpse of my arse in the mirror.  I took a long, hard gander at it – studying it from different angles.  And I was in awe.  I have mucho respect for my behind.


I’ve also realized over the years that A) My aunt loved me and meant no harm  B) Although she was a big woman she had a terribly flat ass!

I’ve fought my body image demons for many years.  I have always fought them and I will continue to fight them.  And in my fight I am going to love myself and appreciate myself and respect myself.  I am going to wrap myself in a big hug whenever I can and be thankful for the legs that carry me, for the butt I sit on, for the arms that reach out and touch.

Hug yourself.  Love yourself.  Appreciate who you are.  Respect your body.

~Fit Bitch



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