Closing In and Resolutions

Part 1

The end of 2013 is upon us and I have to say that I am proud of my year in fitness.  Although, I’m not completely overwhelmed with my weight at the moment but hopefully, now that I’m off the medication I’ve been on for a few years, the weight issues will cease.  Regardless, I’m going to continue with my fitness and see where it takes me in 2014.

I am happy to report that I have either made it to the gym or completed a workout every day on my Christmas vacation – with the exception of Christmas day (unless trudging thru the snow counts.  Does that count?  Because it’s been snowing here every day for about 2 weeks straight!) and I haven’t indulged horribly in holiday goodies – although I have definitely had more sweets the last week than I normally would have.  But today I’m drinking lots of water and indulging in grapes and other fresh fruit.

And tonight I am attending a special 1.5 hour end of year Zumba celebration class.  My plan is to hit the gym for a bit before hand (as usual) – or at least get some yoga in (or both!) and then hit the class.  I’m actually really exited about this class – just because we haven’t had a class in about a week and a half and I really enjoy the workout I get from Zumba.

I’m also excited to say that my dad was kind enough to gift me a new pair of boxing gloves for my boot camp class (a gift I really wanted but hadn’t mentioned to anyone). I’ve been using spare gloves at the facility but let me just say this:  THAT is disgusting!  Those gloves are full of {I don’t even know how many other) people’s sweat and they stink beyond belief and for some reason my face or head or neck always itches during that class (probably from sweat) and I do my best to not touch my face after having those gloves on and I’m kind of a germaphobe and a compulsive hand washer….so my own gloves are definitely appreciated.

Thanks Dad!

Thanks Dad!

Part 2

Y’know, I really hate the phrase “New Years Resolution(s)” because every year people make their Resolutions for the new year and NEVER stick with them.  It’s like they set themselves up for failure.  And so often so many state that their Resolution is to diet or to lose weight or to get to the gym – which is all great but WHY wait for the new year??  There is no better time to start living a healthier life right now.  Instead of gorging yourself on leftover pie or cookies or having another turkey sandwich – just because it’s there – why not have a big glass of water and an orange?  Or have half that sandwich and a side salad.  Your body and mind will thank you.  And honestly, all that leftover food can be frozen.  Save it for another time or for guests or take the leftover sweets into your workplace, etc.  You don’t need to eat the food just because it’s there.  And make today the day when you’re going to take the extra stroll around the block or park at the bottom of the parking lot or the day you’re going to get to the gym or a new class.  Don’t wait for January 1st or 2nd….do it today.

And be sure to set realistic goals for yourself.  I look forward to getting into more classes in 2014 and broaden my horizons even more but I have to be realistic about how many days are in the week.  I can certainly add one or two (or maybe even three) more classes into my schedule but I think 8 classes is enough.  Eight classes will tap me out because on top of my career, classes, gym time, I still need time for my family and friends and cat and ME.  I’ve been relaxing over the holidays and sort of loving in but getting anxious to get back to the regular routine.  I like a little chaos.

I look forward to 2014 and hopefully hearing about your goals for a healthy you (aka please post below in the comments).

~Fit Bitch



Yeah, this might seem crazy but when you think about it, it’s not that bad.  Well, I guess if you *think* about it it still seems bad but once you do it you’ll find that it’s not that bad.

This is no beginners workout so if you’re just starting out with fitness and exercise don’t go full throttle with this one….ease into it.  Start with 20 of each and work your way up.



100 Jumping Jacks

 100 Mountain Climbers             

 100 Crunches

 100 High Knees

 100 Butt Kickers

 100 Calf Raises

 100 Lunges

 100 Squats

 100 Flutter Kicks

 100 Knee Pushups

Take your time with it – break when you need to.  This is one of those workouts you can do in the living room while you’re watching Judge Judy (<<– that might just be me) and have it over and done with before you know it.

Good luck.

~Fit Bitch

I’m Free – and Bootcamp Kicked My Butt

Last week I’d posted that I’ve been feeling blue as I’ve been struggling with an ongoing weight gain for some time, in spite of my crazy exercise regime.  So, Friday I made it to my doctor’s appointment and explained to her the issue and that I thought the medication I’ve been on might be what’s causing it and that I’d done my research.  We had a long discussion and she said she’s not that familiar with the drug/medical problem but that I’ve now raised her brow and she’s going to do her own research as it may be detrimental to other patients’ weight.  So – I am officially off the medication.  I have an appointment mid-February and I am hoping that this will be a factor and I can now start going back down the scale.

Here’s a photo of me 2-3 years ago just as my weight started going up.


I’m hoping to get close to that size by my February date.  I’m not a petite woman.  I’m tall and I’m big-boned.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again….I’m built like a football player:  I have a huge ribcage, wide hips (my ribcage is wider than my hips) and muscular calves.  (And as you can see, I have feet like Fred Flintstone.)  Just prior to this photo being taken I was at the low end of my BMI scale.  I’m now probably right in the center and getting higher.  I’m going to work hard to try and get back to a similar weight.  Fingers crossed.

Now, as for my first night of Boot Camp last Wednesday.  OH.EM.GEE!!  A) I loved it.  B) It kicked my butt.  Seriously.  It was an hour and a half of pure glorious torture.  I came close to throwing up once and I had to beg for a pee break.  But it was great.  I worked every muscle in my body and then some.  At the end of the night I had a hot soak in a tub of Epsom salts and then laid in bed watching tv….but I was so tired I zonked out pretty quickly.  I am thoroughly looking forward to this coming Wednesday.  Honestly.  I absolutely loved it.  PLUS the instructor told me I was young and healthy so, y’know, that’s always nice to hear.

~Fit Bitch

Body Bootcamp

I’m signed up for another class!  My sister-in-law asked me to join a Body Bootcamp with her.

“Starting December 4th, every Wednesday night and Sunday morning…..Body Bootcamp will begin……each class will run for an 1.5 hours and will incorporate, non-contact kickboxing, focus mitt and kickpad work, crossfit training, weights, and body strength exercises. Build your core and make the rest of your body happy. We will also take time to learn PROPER punching and kicking techniques that will help your overall workout in regular cardio fitness classes.”

At first I hummed and hawed about it because 6 classes in 4 days just seemed a like too much.  But, she nagged me some more and I’ve worked out a deal with the instructor to just do the Wednesday class for now (I’m usually obligated to other things Sunday mornings).  So now I’m a little psyched for it.  I expect to be exhausted for the first week or so because this will literally leave me with no time to myself (except perhaps the occasional day here or there) but I’m sure it will be worth it in the end.


My brother used to be a boxer (and a wrestler) so when we  were in high school we had a boxing bag and gear in our rec room.  He taught me some of the basics and I would spend a lot of time boxing and kick-boxing – trying to solidify my moves like the original Buffy the Vampire Slayer (black high tops and all).  I’m looking forward to this adventure.  I’m also extremely excited to get into Crossfit.  I’ll try and post after my first class two days from now.  I have a feeling I’ll be dead tired but I’ll do my best.

~Fit Bitch

Feeling Blue

As I’ve posted a few times over the last several months, I’m having some issues with my weight – again.  Even with my healthy eating and insane exercise schedule, my weight has continued to go up.  I’m getting more and more frustrated and angry and depressed.  I seem to be struggling with this each day – especially since, as my body gets bigger, my clothes are feeling smaller.  It’s not a huge amount of weight – and yes, I am aware that I have gained muscle – but my thighs and my boobs and my lower abdomen – and don’t even get me started on my rib cage – all have gotten bigger.  I bring this up to my doctor each and every time I have an appointment.  I get weighed, and each time my weight has gone up.  *SCREAM!!!!!!!*

Then the other morning, as I was headed into work, a light bulb went on – medication!!

pillsMy weight began to slowly creep up when I started taking a daily medication a few years ago.  As soon as I got to work I did some online research and talked to a few people who’ve experienced the same thing while on the same medication (which I’m not going to name here so as not to deter anyone).  So I’ve phoned my doctor’s office and have scheduled an appointment to discuss this.  Please keep your fingers crossed so that at the very least I can have an answer and can finally lessen this battle with myself.

~Fit Bitch

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