Work the Hardest (Day 30)

Fitness-Motivation-Trying-the-HardestToday is Day 30 of my 30 days of motivation.  I hope these posts have given you some encouragement this last month.

The truth is, you’ve got it in you. Stick with it.  Whatever your reasons were for starating,  they were important enough for you to start.   Don’t give up.

~Fit Bitch💕



Just Do It (Day 29)


As soon as you start, you’re succeeding.

~ Fit Bitch

Happy Friday (Day 28)


Live, love, and laugh……and do squats.

~Fit Bitch

Better than You Were (Day 27)

Better than you

Each day that you get up and choose to live a healthier life is a day when you are better than you were (when you were making less-than-healthy choices).

Each workout is a way to make your body better than it was when you were earning your butt groove on the couch.

Don’t hit the gym with the intention of being better than that other girl or guy.  Make your workout count; run a little harder, lift a little heavier, stretch a little longer.

You’re a new person every day.

~Fit Bitch

The Right Reasons (Day 26)

The Right Reasons

When you start making healthy choices for the right reasons your life will change and you will succeed.

For many years I tried to lose weight for the wrong reasons.  When I made the decision to change my life IT changed my life.

And trust me – you are going to have haters throughout your journey.  People who want to see you fail – usually out of sheer jealousy.  One of the healthy choices you might have to make it kicking the negative people out of your life and to the curb (at least for a little while).

You can do this.

~Fit Bitch

No Regrets (Day 25)

No regrets

Go into your workout with a positive attitude and you will come out feeling better than ever.

~Fit Bitch

Every Step You take (Day 24)

Every Step you take.jpg

We all started from the same place: the first step.

And it doesn’t matter how long it takes us to get there – we’re getting there.  Every day we’re a little bit closer.

And each day, as we start anew, let’s reflect on why we started to begin with.

Was it to lose weight?  Was it to heal an illness?  Was it to be able to play with kids easier?  Was it to show an ex we’re better off?  Was it to be overall healthier?

Whatever the reason – be thankful.  We’re getting there!

~Fit Bitch

Today = Tomorrow (Day 23)

Today is Tomorrow

Exercise, healthy food choices, enough sleep, kicking the negativity in your life to the curb, supportive friends, loving family:  everything in our today is our tomorrow.

~Fit Bitch

F.A.Q. (Day 22)

To Exercise

It’s Saturday.  Don’t let the weekend be a deterrent in your fitness goals for today.  Believe me, even a little workout today can improve your entire weekend.

And if there’s ever a time when you asking yourself “Should I, or shouldn’t I work out today?” – unless you have a good reason for it (illness, injury, rest day, over-training, etc.) – the answer will almost always be “to exercise”.

Fall in love with it.

~Fit Bitch

Discipline (Day 21)


~Fit Bitch

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