Horror Movie Workout

I was going to save this for Friday night to post but, if you’re like me and LOVE Halloween and have been counting down the week with a scary-movie fest, then I figured this would be a fun way to get some exercise in while shlumping on the couch (I’m watching Psycho right now).

Have fun!

via Blood Sweat & Cheers

via Blood Sweat & Cheers

~Fit Bitch

Buti-licious Yoga

Tonight I tried my first Buti Yoga™ session.

I’d seen it advertised just a few days ago and it piqued my interest so I decided to give it a whirl.  And….

….At first I really hated it.  But after a few more minutes I got into it and really enjoyed it.  Like, liked it.  Enough to do it again.  And maybe again and again.

So what is it?

Buti Yoga™, a movement practice that fuses power yoga, tribal dance and plyometrics into a high-intensity workout that transforms the body from the inside out. We train the core using the Spiral Structure technique created by Founder Bizzie Gold that transforms the way the body looks and performs almost instantly.  (http://butiyoga.com/)

Buti Yoga™ via Yahoo

Buti Yoga™
via Yahoo

Buti™ is different from your regular yoga practices.  It’s energizing and it’s cardio-yoga. It incorporates your practice’s poses with some booty-popping, core-engaging cardio and plyo.

After I got over my hatred of stepping outside my yoga comfort zone I really got into this workout.  I could feel my core muscles working (along with the rest of ’em) and by the middle end of the workout my heart rate was up and I was sweating and I was happy with the level of intensity.

I’m looking forward to participating in this again (the sooner, the better!) and I encourage you to try it too – men, don’t be shy!

Have fun!

~Fit Bitch

30 Day Plank Challenge

I think I must be a little drunk because I was certain I’d posted a Plank Challenge in the past, but after searching my posts I couldn’t find one.  So, either one of two things happened: 1) I must have gotten it confused with parts of the 30 Day Ab Challenge because I know I did a plank challenge at one point and the Ab Challenge includes planks or 2) I saved a Plank Challenge to my files somewhere and thought I posted it and the voices in my head told me I posted it.

Alas, I did not.

But, because I’m super awesome and want to post a Plank Challenge I’m going to do just that.  Now.  Right now.

Plank Challenge

I love planks.  It is one of the best exercises because, although it primarily works your core, it engages so many other parts of your body – arms, neck, back, legs, ankles.

Three major things to remember with the blank: 1) Remember to breathe  2) Be mindful of your back.  A perfect plank maintains alignment from one end of your body to the other. If you ever feel like your back is dipping (or your butt is too high) then more than likely it is. You should never feel pain in your lower back (or anywhere else for that matter) when doing a plank.  3) Take a knee.  If you do feel like you’re starting to sway or lose your stability, or are just flat out tired from the plank, there is no shame in taking a quick knee.  Get your breath back and get back into it when you’re ready.  Bad form will never do you any favors.

Good luck all.

~Fit Bitch


I am now OFFICIALLY a CanFitPro certified Personal Training Specialist!!  FINALLY!!

via canfitpro

via canfitpro

It has been a long 6 months and I’ve spent more than my fair share of time studying and practicing and I am thankful that this process is over with (because it’s been very stressful) and I’m proud to be a certified member of the fitness community!

My cousin Eliza sent me this lovely little e-card a few days ago:

I am so proud of you. You have reached for the stars and finally, your dream is within grasp. You are going to do so well on your final exam. I have complete faith in you. You are someone I look up to and you make me want to be better than I am. You inspire me to workout harder and become a healthier person. I wish you all the best luck for your final piece in your puzzle of life. Lots of love and prayers from me to you.

Unfortunately, because I haven’t done anything but work and study for the last two weeks I really didn’t look at the card the other day…..so, upon opening it just a little while ago and really reading it, it’s touched my heart and I am thankful to her for such lovely and kind words.

When I decided to pursue my fitness certification it really was just for me….the idea that I’ve inspired someone along the way is still a little weird to me but at the same time I find inspiration in that.

I really am looking forward to seeing where this will take me.  And I truly am proud to be part of this community – which includes all of you!!  Thank you for your support in this journey.


~Fit Bitch

30 Day Chest Challenge

Happy October!!

I thought since it’s a new month I’d post this cool Challenge I found.  It’s great for guys and girls and even though it’s a Chest Challenge, you’ll also be working muscles and areas of your body.

As with all the Challenges, you can do this one on its own or accompanying your regular workout routine.

You’ll do it for the next 30 days (just in time for Halloween!), making sure to take your scheduled rest days (and any additional rest days if required).

My only concern with this Challenge is with the Judo Pushups – BE CAREFUL of your lower back!!  This is a great move and performed properly you’ll be fine.  But if you’re new to this move please be overly careful so that you don’t injure yourself.  It’s always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to a potential back injury.  Believe me, I speak from experience.

Other than that, have fun.

via Jodi Higgs

via Jodi Higgs

~Fit Bitch

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