Starting Ten

I just saw this and thought it would be great for those who are just starting out with exercise and their journey to a healthier, fitter lifestyle.  It’s also a great little kickstarter for your morning or a boost to get your regular routine going.

Rev it up

Rev it up

The way I would follow this is start slowly with doing your 10 jacks and 10 crunches and then move on to 9 jacks and 9 crunches, then 8 jacks and 8 crunches, etc. until you get down to one of each.  As you make your way down the ladder you increase your energy/speed.

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1200 Calories

This is an EXCELLENT read!!

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I don’t know why “1200” managed to be the magic number of calories women should consume if they want to lose weight.

I don’t even know how I know of this number. Only that I know it, and my friends know it, and my mom knows it. Somehow, somewhere along the road, I was taught that if I want to have a flat stomach and tight tushy, I need to limit my calories to 1200 a day and do cardio. I don’t know how it got in to all of our collective brains, but somehow it did (if any ladies remember how or when they first heard the 1200-calorie rule-of-thumb for losing weight, please let me know via comment box).

What I do know is that 1200 is the general number of calories health professionals say women cannot drop below without suffering negative health consequences.

Interesting, isn’t it? 1200 calories. The…

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Question of the Week

Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of questions in my inbox and from friends so I’m going to attempt to do a Question of the Week from here on out.  I’m not going to guarantee that I’ll succeed in posting every week but I will certainly make the attempt.

So here it is…the first Question of the Week:

“If I Stop Working Out Will My Muscle Turn to Fat?”

Muscle and fat are two totally different types of tissue, so even if you slack off, that hard-earned muscle won’t turn into fat.  With lack of use, muscle cells atrophy.  If they shrink to a certain size, they undergo apoptosis.

If you stop working out you lose strength and muscle mass.  Exercise uses calories and if you stop working out and don’t decrease your food intake then you (may) get fat.

Muscle occupies less space than fat :)

Muscle occupies less space than fat 🙂

There ya go.  Hope that settles that.  Keep the questions coming and I’ll do my best to continue a weekly Q&A.

~Fit Bitch

True Love




Accept it.  Embrace it.  Work it.  Pamper it.  Reward it.  Be kind to it.  Feed it.  Fuel it.  Motivate it.  LOVE IT.

Happy Valentine’s Day.

~Fit Bitch


…In the Meantime

Hello Bloggers!

I’ve been recovering from a back injury the last (nearly) 2 weeks and, although I’ve kept up with my workouts (only missed one day!) I’ve had to do a lot of modifying and haven’t wanted to sit at a desk any longer than what my day job requires.  Therefore, no posts.

But it seems that I’m on the mend (fingers crossed) and hopefully I’ll be able to give my workouts 100 percent soon – although I’m not going to push it.  A back injury is serious enough and I don’t need to make it any worse.

So, in the meantime here’s a little inspiration:

FitAnd isn’t that so true?  When I’m around people who are talking exercise and clean eating and health, it’s all I want to do and eat and say.

Here’s a little story tho, a few years ago on my personal blog site I was talking about fitness and exercise and all that jazz and one of my friends commented something like “You know, you talk way too much about exercise.  It’s really annoying.”  To which I replied something to the effect “Well, exercise and fitness are things I’m really passionate about and honestly, has been really good for my mental health.”  She then replied “Well your constant talk about exercise is really bad for my mental health!”……………………..Um, okay.

What it broke down to, and she admitted to me later, was that she was having trouble hearing about fitness and my weight loss journey because she’s overweight and wasn’t willing to do anything about it.  (Hello, problem solved!)   Eventually she did ask me for help with losing weight and to be inspirational to her.  I told her I was more than happy to help aim her in the right direction and do whatever else if she was willing to listen to me.  Well, that sort of worked: we got her a gym membership and she went for about 3 or 4 months (a great start for anyone, by the way) but she wasn’t willing to change her eating habits.  One who does not EVER consume fruits or vegetables (EVER!!) will not lose weight or get fit OR HEALTHY on fried foods, and simply meat and sugar.  It’s unhealthy and quite honestly, it’s just gross.

I don’t do negativity well.  I like being around happy people and people who are often going to share in the same likes and hobbies, etc.  We inspire each other.  We push each other.  We encourage each other.  I don’t want my life or my blog to ever be negatively impacting to someone else.  I will never discourage or disparage anyone for their weight, size, level of fitness or the like.  If you want encouragement, I’m here for you.  If my success is detrimental to your mental health than more than likely there’s something else going on with you.

Wishing each of you success in your endeavors.

~Fit Bitch

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