Begin (Confessions)

I saw this post in my Facebook feed this today and knew I had to write something about it.


…Because this is truth.

We all have to start somewhere.  We are all beginners.  We will not know our full abilities until we try.

When I first began my fitness journey I could not do a full three minutes on my elliptical.  In fact, I found it so hard that I gave up.  I was winded and sweaty (I still sweat like I’m burning in Hell) and, frankly, I was embarrassed that a mere three minutes of cardio nearly killed me and I gave up!

I had bought that elliptical on a whim of trying wanting to be healthy (read: skinny) and I failed.  And, apparently, at that time I was okay with failure.  But then one day, that one particular day, I made a decision and my life changed – forever and for the best.  I swear to God, that elliptical saved my life.  I saw this with all seriousness and certainty.  I was on a path that was destroying me.  My self-esteem was shot, my mental health was in the toilet, and I was overweight to a degree that I should never have let happen.

And I jumped on my elliptical and had my first real workout.

And, although I swore I would never publicly show this photo – I realized, “well shoot!  This was me!  This is what I looked like!”  So, here goes:

Side by side

Left: Before / Right: After 

Yep!  The pic on the left with the scratched out face and the really, really badly blonde hair is me.

And you know what’s sad?  I I don’t even recognize that person on the left and I’m ashamed that I allowed myself to treat my body that way. After A Lot of hard work, dedication, and discipline, the pic on the right reflects closer to where I am today. But each day I grow in my fitness. I’m so much stronger and adventurous in my exercising. And I look forward to challenging myself daily.

Once I started exercising regularly and eating healthier, I started feeling better on the inside too.  I know not everyone gets this or agrees. But this is 100% true for me. Exercise helped bring me out of a 10 year depression. It helped with my self-esteem and confidence.  There are days when I still struggle with these but overall, I’ve become a different person.  (Give it a chance….you might be shocked to find that exercise can help you too.)

Mood changer

When I look back to those years ago and hopping on my elliptical and failing miserably at my first attempt of working out, I almost feel glad,  Because I was doing it for the wrong reason.  As I said above, I wanted to start exercising to get thin, not to have a better life.  And it wasn’t until I decided to change my life that my life changed.  That’s when I really began.

So, don’t be afraid to begin.  Even if it means you’re starting over or beginning again.  It’s when you’re really ready that you will make the effort.  As you know, my mantra for years has been “If you’re not willing to do the work, you’re not ready to lose the weight.” (Thank you Shaun T!)  Again, #Truth!

So, don’t be afraid.  Go ahead and begin.  And if you have to, begin again.
















Gaga for Lady Gaga’s Tummy

Last night was the Super Bowl – and in case you missed, Lady Gaga was the half time show performer.

Let me first say that I haven’t always been a fan of Ms. Gaga.  She is a supremely talented vocalist and musician, but I really hate antics.  I know it’s a gimmick and about money and fame, but, some the crap she’s pulled has irked me to no end.  I mean, who else can live without her meat dress or the gun bra just weeks after the Sandy Hook shooting (bad, bad, bad taste!!)

But, if you put her in a room with a piano or just her voice, I can listen to her all day.

Anyway, all that aside, last night Lady Gaga gave an outstanding performance during half time.  It really was an incredible spectacle and I would have loved to have been there.  But, it seems that what has been talked about, tweeted, and posted about more than her singing and dancing is her stomach.  Yep.  Her stomach.


via Google

See that up there?   up-arrow

Internet trolls are calling that woman fat.  ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME????

First of all, let me say this….Lady Gaga is not fat.  Second, even if she were fat, whose effing business is it for anyone to comment on her body. She’s obviously very comfortable with her body (made apparent by her constant crotch shots to the camera – something else I can live without).  Third, she rocked the stage AND those glittery shorts and I suspect she could dance circles around the aforementioned trolls. Let us not forget she is a singer NOT a supermodel!

SOME FANS (<- click that link) have already banded together to address the body-shamers and to praise Gaga for her tummy.



And isn’t it ironic how all this has happened just a few hours after I posted “there will always be someone – that one person – who will do whatever he or she can to keep you down.” in my post yesterday.  It makes one wonder what these folks at home are like…the judgy ones who feel they have the right to comment on everyone else’s body.  I mean, they must be so completely perfect.  *insert sarcasm here*

Let us praise Lady Gaga for her rockin’ concert last night and forget about what her legs, boobs, stomach, ass, nose looks like.  Why don’t we concentrate on her musical talents and goodwill and give her props for that, instead of asserting something that is 100% none of out frickin’ business.

And I’ll say it once more:

Let us not forget she is a singer NOT a supermodel!  And she looked hella good!!

End Rant.












I’m Not the Superhero…

Hello my dearies! Listen (re. Read), I know I’ve been a little slacky in the posting department but the bane of my existence lately has been studying.
My CanFitPro Personal Training (written) exam is in one week and aside from my full-time job, fitness classes and regular gym routine, my life has primarily revolved around studying. Bah! Do you KNOW how long it’s been since I’ve been in school? I did not expect a 6 week cram session. (On top of all this I’m also the Maid-of-Honor in my friend’s wedding the week following my exam so seriously, my life is beyond busy right now. But I’m a trooper, dammit!)

I’ve been working my butt off at the gym – my running is going so great – except that I lost my iPod and therefore my running music so I’m now using a cheesy MP3 player that is going to be smashed to bits when I get a new/find my iPod – and the increased strength training even better. I’ve been trying out new things too – new exercises and moves and, I’m just loving it all.


I’m always excited to try new workouts and new exercises. And this past week I’ve been experimenting a little bit here and there and am absolutely loving the way I feel. I like to feel accomplished at the end of my workouts and these new one leave me feeling just that.

In other news – as some of you (who’ve been reading for a while) may recall, I’ve been dealing with some minor health issues for a while and trying to pinpoint certain things to see what’s the cause of this and that – and for me, most of all, what’s the cause of my weight gain. Last Tuesday I had blood work done on two requisitions. On Wednesday my doctor phoned and said my liver functions were way up and she sent me back for more blood work on Thursday. Now, I have already been diagnosed (several years back) with Gilberts Symdromeso we weren’t surprised that my levels were up and my bilirubin was acting cray-cray. But, when I saw my doctor this week she advised that she is quite concerned about other functions being up and with no explanation. So she gave me another requisition for more blood work. And yesterday she phoned AGAIN and sent over yet another requisition for MORE blood work. At the rate I’m going with these damn vampires I’m not going to have any blood left. I also have an appointment with a liver specialist who can hopefully identify what’s going on within my body. Truth be told, I feel fan-friggin’-tastic!! So, at this point I’m really not that worried.

And stay-tuned…Batman is still coming!

~Fit Bitch

1200 Calories

This is an EXCELLENT read!!

~Fit Bitch


I don’t know why “1200” managed to be the magic number of calories women should consume if they want to lose weight.

I don’t even know how I know of this number. Only that I know it, and my friends know it, and my mom knows it. Somehow, somewhere along the road, I was taught that if I want to have a flat stomach and tight tushy, I need to limit my calories to 1200 a day and do cardio. I don’t know how it got in to all of our collective brains, but somehow it did (if any ladies remember how or when they first heard the 1200-calorie rule-of-thumb for losing weight, please let me know via comment box).

What I do know is that 1200 is the general number of calories health professionals say women cannot drop below without suffering negative health consequences.

Interesting, isn’t it? 1200 calories. The…

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Question of the Week

Lately I’ve been receiving a lot of questions in my inbox and from friends so I’m going to attempt to do a Question of the Week from here on out.  I’m not going to guarantee that I’ll succeed in posting every week but I will certainly make the attempt.

So here it is…the first Question of the Week:

“If I Stop Working Out Will My Muscle Turn to Fat?”

Muscle and fat are two totally different types of tissue, so even if you slack off, that hard-earned muscle won’t turn into fat.  With lack of use, muscle cells atrophy.  If they shrink to a certain size, they undergo apoptosis.

If you stop working out you lose strength and muscle mass.  Exercise uses calories and if you stop working out and don’t decrease your food intake then you (may) get fat.

Muscle occupies less space than fat :)

Muscle occupies less space than fat 🙂

There ya go.  Hope that settles that.  Keep the questions coming and I’ll do my best to continue a weekly Q&A.

~Fit Bitch

It is a Lifestyle Change

No Excuses

I often have friends ask me what they can do to lose weight.  Obviously I always state the obvious: Eat healthy and exercise.

These are pretty much the two major changes one must make in order to get healthier.  There’s no magic pill or potion that will do it for you.  If there were, I’d be walking around looking like Jennifer Aniston.

But so often I hear “I don’t have time to exercise” and/or “I don’t have time to eat healthy” (I’ve also heard “I don’t like vegetables/fruit” and “eating healthy is too expensive”).  The best response I’ve ever heard to those excuses comes from my man, fitness God Shaun T “If you’re not willing to make the change then you’re not ready to lose the weight.” (Okay, it may not be verbatim but it’s the gist.)


I believe this wholeheartedly.  If you are wanting to lose weight or get healthy then nothing will stop you.  Nothing stopped me.  Nothing has stopped me, not even doctor’s orders** (I am NOT condoning this!!  I mentioned in my About page that I have an exercise addiction and I wasn’t kidding.).  About 6 years ago I was working three jobs (1 full time of almost 50 hrs a week and 2 part time jobs that took up my evenings and weekends) and I always made time for exercise and eating right.  If that meant I’d have to fit a work out in at 10 o’clock at night then that’s what I did.  If It meant I’d have to get up extra early to make a healthy lunch then that’s what I did.  If I were travelling I would research the hotel and see if they had a fitness room and healthy menu options.   There really is no excuse why one can’t make healthy choices.

**To clarify what I mentioned above, I had surgery this past fall and I was told not to exercise for 6 weeks.  When the surgeon told me this in consult I had a panic attack.  I was not happy.  Exercise is my life.  What was I going to do not being able to exercise for a month and a half??????  What I did was compromise.  My surgery was on a Thursday.  I returned home from the hospital late Friday and recovered until Saturday.  By Sunday I was out walking.  I walked everyday from there on, regardless of the weather.  Regardless of how I felt.  And after a few weeks I added the eliptical back into my routine in addition to my walks.  NOW, that being said, since my surgery wasn’t a major one I had the ability to stay active.  If someone has a serious surgery or medical issue and have doctor’s orders not to exercise then be smart and heed his/her advice.  Talk to your doctor about what you can do to maintain some form of regimen if you’re a nutjob like me.

As for healthy food being more expensive, sometimes that is the case.  It’s unfortunate but it’s true.  However, isn’t it worth paying a little bit extra?  Because, y’know, that Big Mac ain’t free.  And I’d rather go spend money on fresh fruit and veggies and healthy grains then go to McDonald’s any day.  Isn’t it more satisfying knowing you’ve made a healthy decision than not knowing what you’ve put in your body?  I know people who spend up to $9 on their morning coffee but then bitch because a salad cost $4.50.  Uh, hellooo??   The end justifies the means.

We all have busy lives.  Some people have kids.  Most people work or are in school.  Some people volunteer.  But you know what?  There are millions of people whose lives are exactly like ours (busy busy busy) yet, they makes the time to exercise.  They make the time to make healthy meals.  They find a way to make the most of their money to make healthy choices.  It can be done.  I’m proof.



I’m a new fitness blogger.  I’ve blogged on life and love and fun and games but this is my very first post as a fitness blogger.

I’m not an expert.  But I am a living result.

Several years ago after an accident and some medication helped me pack on the pounds, I discovered how much weight I’d gained and was astonished.  I’d seen a photo of two girls…one I’d recognized but the other I did not.  I said “who is that fatass?” and realized, oh crap!  That’s me!   That was not a good feeling.

When I asked some of my closest friends why they didn’t tell me how big I’d gotten they replied “We thought you knew.”  Obviously, I did not.  But, in that very second of seeing that photograph I decided that I would change.

I revamped my eating habits and started working out a few times a week.  I had an eliptical at home and started off with 20 minutes a day (I still verily believe that 20 minutes a day can save your life).  Eventually that 20 minutes grew into longer and longer periods of exercise (I would hop on with a good book and before I knew it an hour and a half had passed).  Eventually, I was down 65 pounds.

I’ve kept the weight off.  I’ve built up muscle and energy and stamina.  I started running….something I hadn’t done since high school and I became hooked on exercise.

I am not perfect.  I’m not super skinny.  I still haven’t reached my “goal weight”; but I feel good.  I am proud of my accomplishments.  I am proud that people look up to me and see me as a “role model.”

I am a Fit Bitch.  Hear Me Roar.