Where Are the Men??

I’m apologizing in advance for the stereotypical photo about to follow this sentence.  It was the best one I could find.

via Yahoo

via Yahoo

I’ve been teaching my boot camp classes for about 5 months now and I have not yet had one single man show up.  Sure, I’ve had a few guys say they’d like to try it out but I haven’t seen any of them put their money where their mouths are. Guys….what’s the problem??

I think, however, that my luck might be changing.  Tonight I had a phone call from someone – a male someone – inquiring about my classes and hoping to show up next class.  *FINGERS CROSSED*

But my question to you – dear male readers – what’s up?  Boot camps are intense.  And they’re not aimed for one particular sex (I’ve seen tons of video of co-ed boot camps and the workouts are crazy).  So, why no love over here?  What’s your take?  COMMENT….PLEASE.  🙂

~Fit Bitch

Monday Love

I have so much to say….I need more time.

Life is catching up with me these days and I’m super tired.  But hang tight…I WILL be back.  In the meantime I leave you with this:

You're Awesome!

Stay tuned….more to come from me.  🙂

~Fit Bitch

Read This!

This is a great article.  I’m heading out of town this very minute but you should all this.


~Fit Bitch

30 Day Yoga Challenge


Happy November (and Movember)!

I hope everyone had a great Halloween.  And if you had a great Halloween full of candy and junk then today is perfect for beginning  the 30 Day Yoga Challenge.

I can’t stress enough how great yoga is for one’s body and how everyone can benefit from a yoga practice.  (For a little taste of my yoga preaching go here.)

A daily yoga practice is also a great way to detox your mind, body and soul.

Know yogaI’ve been wanting to post a yoga challenge for a while now and I think that today is a perfect day to start.

via source

via source

The awesome thing about this challenge is that it not only gives you the pose for the day, it also provides a YouTube page (DOYOUYOGA) so you can watch your yoga practice.  Brilliant.

Also, you have the option of doing just your new pose everyday or adding each pose on the next day (ex. on Day 5 you can either do just the Bridge pose OR you can do Downward Dog (from Day 1), Warrior 2 (from Day 2), Cobra (from Day 3), Camel (from Day 4) and Bridge (from Day 5) flowing all together) <<— This is what I recommend but it’s your choice.  Listen to your body – it knows best.

I am so excited about this Challenge.  I hope you will give it a whirl and see how your body feels in a month’s time.


~Fit Bitch

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