My First YogaFit Class


Last night was my first YogaFit class. As I mentioned in a post yesterday, last night was my first trip back to the gym in two weeks since I’d come down with bronchitis. Although I’d worked out at home here and there, for the last two weeks I’ve pretty much taken it easy as I have a history of lung problems and really didn’t want this getting any worse. (Of course, I hacked all night long but it was worth it.)

I went to the gym first and did strength exercises and weights and also some abs exercises. I’d done a really good abs workout the day before and holy moly could I ever feel it last night. I hadn’t noticed it much during the day but once I started lifting those weights I could really feel the burn from the prior day.

After about 30 minutes of strength I went to my Zumba class for an hour as usual and then it was followed by our first night of YogaFit. I was super excited. The class is limited and closed so there were only 13 of us there, including a BFF Angela. I’ve been trying to get her to do some yoga with me for months now since she injured her hamstring back in February. She did one yoga workout with me and then left me high and dry. But I made sure she signed up for this class.

Although I was hot and tired from class (and the gym…and it being a billion degrees), I’m glad I had a workout beforehand…for two reasons: Number 1) My body was already nice and warm and I felt that I was able to do more in the YogaFit class. I had more flexibility and, to be honest, I sorta felt like a superstar. It was great. Number 2) My body was still revved up from my previous workouts. So, even tho the YogaFit class was semi-relaxing, my body was still burning from the higher intensity workout.

The class itself was really good. It wasn’t exactly what I’d imagined; I expected it to be a little more intense than it was, but then again, it was the first class. It was soothing and relaxing but I could still feel the workout. And I loved that there were participants from many fitness levels. No one is there to judge. We’re all there to learn and to work on our fitness and our bodies. It was a great experience, a great first class. I’m definitely looking forward to doing this for the rest of the summer.

~Fit Bitch


Post WorkOut Fuel

I was on a mini vacation earlier in the week so Monday and Tuesday the only exercise I’d gotten in were a few walks. Although I enjoy walking, the intensity is lower than what I’m used to…plus, since I’m still recovering from a two week bout of bronchitis and have been taking a little time off to let my lungs rest and doing low to moderate exercises here and there, I hadn’t planned on working out too much while away so the only footwear I’d taken with me were my flip flops and that’s what I walked in.

When I finally got back home yesterday I really wanted to amp up the intensity – especially since I’m back to the gym tonight, followed by a high intensity Zumba class, followed by (my very first) YogaFit class. I settled on Insanity Plyometric Cardio and finished with a separate ab workout. By the time I finished all my exercising I was soaked with sweat, panting and coughing (from the lingering bronchitis). But I felt so good. ๐Ÿ™‚

Now, since I’d been away I, for some reason, didn’t eat as great as I could have. I didn’t eat horribly but I had a few treats that I normally wouldn’t indulge in if I were home (including, since July 1st was Canada Day , chowing down on some really delicious Poutine). So, after my workout I really wanted a good healthy dinner. I made a recovery protein shake with tons of spinach, flax seed, berries, half a banana, a scoop of natural peanut butter and almond milk. It was lip-smacking good.

For dinner I had a lovely piece of lemon sole (it was a small piece – about 3/4 as big as my Blackberry) and a frittata. I’ve never made a frittata before but I was looking for something that would have protein and veggies and a little carbs. So I made one using a crap-ton of veggies – two big bunches of spinach, red pepper, onion, garlic, tomato, mushrooms – 2 eggs, and a handful of chopped (hash brown type) potato. I mixed it all together and baked it in the oven.

Nom Nom Nom

Nom Nom Nom

It turned out really good. I had a portion of it with my fish for dinner and saved the remaining for lunch today. I need lots of fuel today, as I mentioned above I’m finally getting back into things tonight and won’t be getting home from the gym until about 10pm. I am very much looking forward to my recovery shake this evening. It really was drool-worthy yesterday.

Does anyone have any favorite pre or post-workout foods?



I’ve recently signed up for YogaFit. Classes begin July 4 and will run Monday and Thursdays thru the summer. These classes will be directly after my Zumba classes. (Which means that I’ll have to start going to the gym a little later Monday and Thursday evenings because, although I’m a little nuts with my workouts I’m not mental enough to work out for 4 hours! Three hours is enough.).

What is YogaFit? I asked myself (actually, I asked Google) the same thing. I was directed to the YogaFit website with the following information:

YogaFit is a form of yoga that is designed specifically for the fitness industry. YogaFit stands for Yoga for the Fitness Industry and was developed in the mid 1990s by yoga instructor Beth Shaw in Los Angeles.

As a trained instructor, Beth saw the need for a specific type of yoga for health clubs, due to the differences in the environment from the gym to the yoga studio. The bright lights and cold rooms of the gym provide specific challenges that donโ€™t exist in the typical yoga studio.

YogaFit combines principles of fitness and traditional yoga asanas. A typical class will have yoga asanas, as well as exercises such as sit ups, squats, push ups and other exercises.

The poses in a YogaFit class are woven together with continuous movement in a flowing sequence of poses. The flowing format is similar to what is found in a vinyasa flow or power yoga class, but with the addition of non yoga exercises.

This type of fitness yoga practice is considered by strict yoga adherents to be a watered down version of yoga. This is because YogaFit never uses Sanskrit names for the poses, nor is there any meditation, mantras or anything other than the physical aspect of the practice.

I am super excited to begin this program. Has anyone tried it?

~Fit Bitch