Muscle Building – Biceps & Triceps (Guest Post)


Muscle Building: Bicep Arm Exercises 
(OR: Muscle Building Exercise for Bicep Arm Muscles)
The logic of working on smaller groups of muscles like biceps after the group of larger muscles like shoulders, back, and triceps is taught by the workout experts since long the masses have been building their bodies.
It ca be sensible teach if without working on your large muscles you have ever worked on your arm muscles.  Such intensive workouts can pump up your arms if you train them exclusively.
Bicep – Tricep Arm Symmetry
Through the development of bices, triceps are equally important to minimize injuries and
optimize performance even if they are opposite muscle groups.  Still fitness enthusiasts and
bodybuilders usually focus on developing biceps more than triceps.  The reason behind this differentiation is that being on the front and centre of the arm, biceps are more viewed than triceps. But the development of triceps can also not be ignored as their weakness can cause problems for shoulders and arms.  So while doing exercises you will have to maintain a balance between bicep arm exercises and triceps exercises. You can emphasise slightly more on biceps than triceps.
Use of good form, alternate use of workout order, concentrating on feeling the work of
the muscles are some of the points to be focused upon while performing bicep arm
exercises for few days and then doing triceps exercises.  You can also avoid doing chest, back, leg and shoulder exercises before and after doing bicep workouts. You should select suitable weights for each exercise so that you can use them in all the reps without fail. You should also take a break for 1-2 minutes between two sets of exercises.
Make sure to have your bicep – triceps symmetry (this article will only focus on
some of the intensive biceps arm).
Bicep Arm Exercises
1. Barbell curl:
While using the EZ-bar for these exercises you should ensure to squeeze the bar to
your optimum power to activate every fibre of your muscles all-through the sets.
Lower the weight after each repetition instead of allowing them to fall.
You should use your entire potential to perform the next rep after once lowering the
weight. You can leave the barbell after completing 8 repetitions.
2. Dumbbell Curl:
This exercise will be performed by each arm one-by-one to focus on the biceps of
individual arm. This training schedule will help in providing you a balanced
appearance along with preventing the imbalance in the strength of both the arms.
While lowering the dumbbells you should take your time as you will have to move
your body eccentric.
3. Biceps Cable Hammer Curl:
In order to providing constant tension to the muscles you are working, you may not
spare any fibre of your muscles. You should not allow your elbows to come forward
or flare out while starting to lift the cable hammer.
The upper-arms should be kept confined where they are. The ends of the rope should
be separated after curling the rope fully and take a pause before performing for the
second time.  You can reduce the weight after completing these sets at least for minimum of two times.
4. Incline Inner-Biceps Curl:
Your biceps are actually two heads with different points of attachment. The
longer head is attached over the joint of your shoulder to keep your upper arm
in proper position as compared to your body while doing curl exercises for biceps.
During this exercise your bone forming joint at the elbow and shoulder will get behind
your body while providing maximum stretch to the longer head. The longer head of
the biceps will be stretched more if your bench is more horizontal.
5. Squat Concentration Curl:
While working on energy hungry larger muscles of your lower body, this exercise will
hit your biceps to reveal chiselled arms by helping in burning your calories. You can
use a pair of not so heavy dumbbells while standing with your feet apart to shoulder
Now, squat by pushing your hips back so that your thighs become parallel to the floor.
You should press your elbows against your inner thighs while keeping your bodyweight on your heels and your palms should face each other. Now lower the weight for 30-60 seconds and curl.
These bicep arm exercises can help you in building your bicep muscles more effectively. If you have weaker arms, then you should do some harder and more intensive bicep and triceps exercises twice a week to instigate new growth in them.
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Bad Form


When I was in high school a girl I sort of knew started running.  She would run thru the town daily.  I’d see her all the time.  In fact, on occasion, I still see her out for her runs.  And to this day, many years later, she still has not lost any weight.  I’m certain that her lack of loss is due to her bad atrocious form.  Ugh.  It bothers me just thinking about it.  She has horrible posture, her arms flail out like a muppet on crack (tho she tries to keep her elbows tight to her sides – WTF?) and her head bobs around like a newborn baby.   And her legs.  No, don’t even get me started on her legs.  I can’t explain them or what they do….the entire package is just poor form.  I used to try to give her accolades but she looked so stupid.  I’d say “at least she’s moving.  At least she’s trying.”  But, to be honest, sometimes trying just isn’t enough.  BECAUSE bad form is dangerous.

Last night while at the gym I was in the weight area lifting and squating and working on my overall strength.  There was another woman there lifting weights and as I watched her I just shook my head and thought “That’s so pointless.”  This woman was swinging her weights.  Swinging them.  They were small 2 or 5 lb weights and she was all over the place with them.  If one of them had slipped from her hand there would have been a huge hole in the wall behind her – that’s how hard she was swinging them.  I tried not to judge her but she made it pretty easy to.

Bad form can not only be dangerous (especially if swinging weights go flying) and causes injuries, it can and will be detrimental to your workouts.

When I lift weights I am conscience of my posture and my all-over form and I usually try to lift in front of a mirror.  Many people think this is narcissistic but it’s not.  I want to ensure I am maintaining appropriate form and being visual certainly helps.

Being aware is most important when exercising.  If you’re doing squats, lunges, planks or lifting weights you MUST concentrate on maintaining good form and posture.  Any slight misform can cause a serious injury.  (I find it especially important to watch form when doing planks or crunches or exercise that affects your back and/or neck.  Neck and back injuries can be severe and are difficult to overcome.  Often, once injured, injured for life.)

It would be wise to see a trainer or coach if you’re at the gym.  That’s what those people are there for.  They get paid to help you and to teach you.  If a trainer (or the gym) is not attainable then one should be looking at other forms of instruction: YouTube or other online sources, magazines, books.  And if you’re able to, have someone spot you for the first little bit of your workouts.  Or, try recording yourself and checking out your form in playback.

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Please be safe.  Fit Bitch cares about you.

Form~Fit Bitch