30 Day Ab Challenge

Last month I participated in the 30 Day Squat Challenge (which you can find here) which I rocked right up until Day 24 when I was hit with the flu and wasn’t able to stand/walk/get out of bed/stop whining for my mommy for days on end and am still recovering.   I was very disappointed in myself for not being able to complete the challenge because I have always worked out sick and injured and this was the first time that literally felt I was unable to complete a task.  (Although, one day last week, when I felt I was able to start squatting again I resumed where I left off….but apparently the flu left me unable to do math because I overshot my squats and instead of doing 225 I did 265.  My ass and thighs were very sore the next few days.)

My new task is to complete the 30 Day Ab Challenge.

Ab Challenge

I was planning to start this challenge at the start of this month but, again, the flu hindered that.  So I will be starting it very soon – probably next week, if not sooner.  I want to be in full flu-recovery before I begin this challenge because I don’t want to fail again – and this challenge looks pretty intense.  And to be honest, my tummy is just not up for the task yet (although I have been working my abs in my workouts).  I’m hoping (HOPING) that I will be back to great health soon, hopefully by next week, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, at this point I’m wondering if this flu bug is something more.

Once I do start the Ab Challenge I will post about it and the results.  I can truthfully say that my thighs are tighter and stronger from participating in the Squat Challenge and my goal is to begin it again either mid-month or at the start of June (I like to have an even 30 days to work with), so here’s aiming for that.

~Fit Bitch


Getting Back in the Game


Just as I thought I was getting over the flu bug I had, it decided to come back and kick me in the ass.  Hard.  Not as hard as it had hit me initially but it’s doing a number on me and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s not a flu bug at all.

Regardless, after taking a week off from exercise, last Thurdsay I gathered up enough strength to work out.  It felt so good to get back in the game.  I did a hybrid workout Thursday, Friday I hit the elliptical, Saturday I made it back to the gym and Sunday I did yoga.  Monday (yesterday) I was excited to resume my 3-hour session at the gym and do Zumba but unfortunately my bug got the best of me and I had to head home after a measley hour.  Tonight I’m planning to do an Insanity video at home because I’m craving cardio so I’m hoping that I can accomplish that.  I’ve been battling fevers and horrible stomach trouble, nausea, and lethargy.  So here’s hoping to a good night of exercise and accomplishment and staying in the game.

~Fit Bitch


I Spoke Too Soon

Fit Bitch did not look this good

Fit Bitch did not look this good

So, a few posts ago I bragged on and on how I don’t get sick.  That’s now changed.  Damn me for opening my big mouth.

Last Thursday I did my regular 3 hour stint at the gym.  I felt good and accomplished when I finally got home at 9 that evening. I felt fine.  But Friday morning I woke at 4 with the worst nausea – so bad that I kindly asked my cat to refrain from purring because he was “shaking the bed” – and by the time I finally dragged my ass out of bed a few hours later everything hurt.  My entire body ached. My earlobes ached.  I didn’t even think that was possible.  I was tired and achy and nauseas but I dragged my sorry butt to work anyway.  Of course, as soon as I walked thru the door and started a conversation with my coworker. I broke into tears.  Then I laughed at how ridiculous I must look.  She kindly told me to go home but we had so much on our plates for the day and were also playing host to a few others for a webinar (my life is full of excitement), and since she and I are the only two in our office I had to stay.

Of course, mid-morning I was in our lunchroom, sacked out on the futon, cuddled up to my Magic Bag trying to minimize the chills that had overcome my body and doing my best to ward off the nausea that still clung to me like a leech.  I looked like I was preparing to be a zombie on The Walking Dead.  I felt worse.  Life was not good.

Shortly after lunch, after doing my best to remain conscious during the webinar, I went home and to bed. I napped on and off.  My boyfriend checking on me on occasion..the Plague working its magic on my body.  Saturday morning I woke up and the body aches were gone but I now had a full-fledged stomach flu of some sort and I did not leave the house/bed/couch at all that day except to visit the facilities.  I did not sleep Saturday night.  My virus would not allow it.  This continued for another 3 days.  Fevers came and went.  I napped on and off.  I read a lot.  I did not eat or drink.  My virus would not allow it.  Thursday night’s dinner, after my gym visit, was the last time I’d had any food.  The boyfriend was sweet enough to bring me a small bottle of gingerale, which I worked on Saturday and Sunday.  But, no food and not a lot of water.  Fatigue had conquered me.

Monday morning I phoned my doctor’s office and explained my symptoms and that I could not eat or drink and that my body would not retain any liquid I attempted.  So, my doctor sent me to the hospital for an IV to try to get my hydration up.  But, I’d woken up with a weird ache in my jaw line and with my history with my heart (I may or may not have mentioned my heart condition yet – soon to come) and the current investigation (I saw a heart specialist yesterday), I made mention of the jaw ache in Triage and the nurse got me hooked up with an EKG right away.

HOWEVER, after waiting at the hospital for several hours before finally getting in to see the doctor on duty, he was sidetracked by my EKG and my previous monitor recordings and completely forgot/overlooked the IV and basically said “you have a bad bug” and told me to pick up some remedy at the drugstore and work on my liquids.  I should have punched him right there.  Bitch, I could have stayed home and worked on the ass-groove in my couch.

It’s now Thursday.  I came back to work yesterday and I ate yesterday.  Although my stomach is not as iffy as it was, I’m still dealing with the nausea and dizziness a bit.  And I’m tired the hell out…I get winded walking down the hall.  Which means I haven’t been able to work out since last Thursday.  Boo!!  I’m hoping to get some form of exercise in today.  I need it.  Although, that “bad bug” was great for dropping a few pounds I miss cardio and weights and Zumba and yoga.  I’m foregoing tonight’s three-hour gym session but I am determined to fit some form of exercise in this evening.  Even if it’s just a 15-20 minute routine.  I feel well enough now that something is better than nothing.

Wish me luck.

~Fit Bitch