Gaga for Lady Gaga’s Tummy

Last night was the Super Bowl – and in case you missed, Lady Gaga was the half time show performer.

Let me first say that I haven’t always been a fan of Ms. Gaga.  She is a supremely talented vocalist and musician, but I really hate antics.  I know it’s a gimmick and about money and fame, but, some the crap she’s pulled has irked me to no end.  I mean, who else can live without her meat dress or the gun bra just weeks after the Sandy Hook shooting (bad, bad, bad taste!!)

But, if you put her in a room with a piano or just her voice, I can listen to her all day.

Anyway, all that aside, last night Lady Gaga gave an outstanding performance during half time.  It really was an incredible spectacle and I would have loved to have been there.  But, it seems that what has been talked about, tweeted, and posted about more than her singing and dancing is her stomach.  Yep.  Her stomach.


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See that up there?   up-arrow

Internet trolls are calling that woman fat.  ARE YOU EFFING KIDDING ME????

First of all, let me say this….Lady Gaga is not fat.  Second, even if she were fat, whose effing business is it for anyone to comment on her body. She’s obviously very comfortable with her body (made apparent by her constant crotch shots to the camera – something else I can live without).  Third, she rocked the stage AND those glittery shorts and I suspect she could dance circles around the aforementioned trolls. Let us not forget she is a singer NOT a supermodel!

SOME FANS (<- click that link) have already banded together to address the body-shamers and to praise Gaga for her tummy.



And isn’t it ironic how all this has happened just a few hours after I posted “there will always be someone – that one person – who will do whatever he or she can to keep you down.” in my post yesterday.  It makes one wonder what these folks at home are like…the judgy ones who feel they have the right to comment on everyone else’s body.  I mean, they must be so completely perfect.  *insert sarcasm here*

Let us praise Lady Gaga for her rockin’ concert last night and forget about what her legs, boobs, stomach, ass, nose looks like.  Why don’t we concentrate on her musical talents and goodwill and give her props for that, instead of asserting something that is 100% none of out frickin’ business.

And I’ll say it once more:

Let us not forget she is a singer NOT a supermodel!  And she looked hella good!!

End Rant.













I’m a new fitness blogger.  I’ve blogged on life and love and fun and games but this is my very first post as a fitness blogger.

I’m not an expert.  But I am a living result.

Several years ago after an accident and some medication helped me pack on the pounds, I discovered how much weight I’d gained and was astonished.  I’d seen a photo of two girls…one I’d recognized but the other I did not.  I said “who is that fatass?” and realized, oh crap!  That’s me!   That was not a good feeling.

When I asked some of my closest friends why they didn’t tell me how big I’d gotten they replied “We thought you knew.”  Obviously, I did not.  But, in that very second of seeing that photograph I decided that I would change.

I revamped my eating habits and started working out a few times a week.  I had an eliptical at home and started off with 20 minutes a day (I still verily believe that 20 minutes a day can save your life).  Eventually that 20 minutes grew into longer and longer periods of exercise (I would hop on with a good book and before I knew it an hour and a half had passed).  Eventually, I was down 65 pounds.

I’ve kept the weight off.  I’ve built up muscle and energy and stamina.  I started running….something I hadn’t done since high school and I became hooked on exercise.

I am not perfect.  I’m not super skinny.  I still haven’t reached my “goal weight”; but I feel good.  I am proud of my accomplishments.  I am proud that people look up to me and see me as a “role model.”

I am a Fit Bitch.  Hear Me Roar.