When You Try

Via Yahoo

Via Yahoo

I got an email the other day from someone close to me that stated “though I will never be a runner…”

As soon as I read that I jumped into a reply saying “YES, You can be a runner!!”

You can be a yogi.  You can be a marathon runner.  You can be a boot camp rock star.  You can be a bench presser.  You can be a swimmer.  You CAN do it!

And that, my friends, is simply my point.  If you try, you can.

Last week I did my first head stand in yoga class.  I tried it and I did it.  I was so happy.  I never would have known that I could balance on my head if I had not tried.

So often we let opportunities pass us by because we’re afraid to try.  We watch beautiful things enter and exit our lives simply because we are nervous that we might fail.  Know what I say to that??  PFFFFFTTT!!!

I say go ahead and put those sneakers on and start out with your jog.  I say sign up for the class, join the gym, get some yoga use our of your yoga pants.  Do it!  DO ITTTT!!

Because you’ll never know unless you try, and then you’ll just be left with regrets.

You can do it!

~Fit Bitch


30 Day Plank Challenge

Did I do this before? I thought maybe I had but looking back at past posts it seems that I didn’t actually post a separate Plank Challenge but plans were also included in the 30 Day Ab Challenge.

I noticed a few of my friends doing a version of the Plank Challenge on Facebook this past month so I figured I might as well get in on it too and share it with you.

Now, I plank all the time.  I do it at the gym, in my classes, when I’m bored.  And I make the girls in my boot camp classes plank all.the.time.  They hate me. 🙂

Planks are one of the best exercises because it works and strengthens so many areas of the body. Think about it – when you’re in proper plank position how many parts of your body are engaged?  Core, back, shoulders, arms, wrists, neck, legs, ankles, butt…everything is working here.

There are two basic planking positions you can choose from for this challenge:

The low plank:

Low Plank - from the elbows

Low Plank – from the elbows

or the high plank:

High Plank - arms extended

High Plank – arms extended

and of course there is a beginner/modified version (*note – you can modify the high or low plank):

Modified Plank - which can be done high or low - from the knees

Modified Plank – which can be done high or low – from the knees

The proper form of either of these planks is to ensure a straight line from head to toe.  Be sure not to strain your neck or let your back sink (or butt raise)…these will only lead to injury, AND if either of these occur then you’re not engaged properly and defeating the purpose.

There is no shame in modifying your plank (or any exercise, for that matter) – whether it’s from the start or you’re halfway thru your daily challenge and need to take a knee a for a second or two or go fully into the modification.  If you’re feeling shaky or weakness or pain that’s your body telling you to smarten up and take it a little easy.  You can’t go beast mode if you’ve got a broken back or wrist.

So, since we’re at the end of January, take the next day or two to “practice” your plank and then for the next 30 days enjoy the challenge.

via source

via source

~Fit Bitch

New Year, New You

Hope everyone is enjoying their holidays.

We’re coming up to the start of a new year and I’m sure a ton of you, like me, are going to commit to some New Year Resolutions.

To kick off the new year I’m doubling up on a challenge and posting below the 30 Days Abs and Squat Challenge.

It seems that the 30 Day Ab Challenge and the 30 Day Squat Challenge have been two of the most popular challenges and the most searched….so, badonkadonk!  This challenge has them both.

As always, this challenge can be done on its own or as part of your regular workout regime.  Just be sure to take your rest days.

abs and squat challengeI’m really looking forward to the new year and what’s to come.  Wishing you all a Happy New Year!

~Fit Bitch

30 Day Plank Challenge

I think I must be a little drunk because I was certain I’d posted a Plank Challenge in the past, but after searching my posts I couldn’t find one.  So, either one of two things happened: 1) I must have gotten it confused with parts of the 30 Day Ab Challenge because I know I did a plank challenge at one point and the Ab Challenge includes planks or 2) I saved a Plank Challenge to my files somewhere and thought I posted it and the voices in my head told me I posted it.

Alas, I did not.

But, because I’m super awesome and want to post a Plank Challenge I’m going to do just that.  Now.  Right now.

Plank Challenge

I love planks.  It is one of the best exercises because, although it primarily works your core, it engages so many other parts of your body – arms, neck, back, legs, ankles.

Three major things to remember with the blank: 1) Remember to breathe  2) Be mindful of your back.  A perfect plank maintains alignment from one end of your body to the other. If you ever feel like your back is dipping (or your butt is too high) then more than likely it is. You should never feel pain in your lower back (or anywhere else for that matter) when doing a plank.  3) Take a knee.  If you do feel like you’re starting to sway or lose your stability, or are just flat out tired from the plank, there is no shame in taking a quick knee.  Get your breath back and get back into it when you’re ready.  Bad form will never do you any favors.

Good luck all.

~Fit Bitch

Spring Challenges


For those of you who are looking for a little pre-summer toning workout ideas, I offer to you (again) the 30 Day Ab Challenge and the 30 Day Squat Challenge.

These are great little workouts and, if you combine them you’ll be working double time and double the muscle groups (which is great for burning more calories).

There are several options for doing these challenges: 1) Doing one or the other on its own 2) Doing one and incorporating it into your workout 3) Doing both Challenges together 4) Doing both Challenges and incorporating them into your workout. Whatever you choose to do is what’s BEST FOR YOU! Your body will let you know what it needs and what’s too much.

If you want to throw in a few other Challenges with these, simply go to the “Search” bar above and type in “Challenge” and you can pick your beast.

Have fun!

~Fit Bitch

Challenges Complete


I am happy ecstatic to report that today is my last day for the 30 Day Ab Challenge and the 30 Day Squat Challenge.  This is my second time around with both.   And I feel exuberant having completed them together.

My abs certainly don’t look like the photo (neither do my thighs, for that matter – but my ass is lookin’ pretty fine!) and that is something that I accepted upon starting the Challenges again.  They’re exercises, not magic.  But, that being said, my tummy seems smaller and my thighs are definitely stronger (which I really noticed in Barre class last week).  I feel proud.

I hope everyone who started these Challenges stuck with it.  Who’s with me for the October Push Up Challenge?

~Fit Bitch

I Want to Run like Phoebe

Remember that episode of Friends where Rachel went running with Phoebe and then was completely mortified because Phoebe ran like a Muppet off its Ritalin?

I love that episode.  I especially love that Phoebe is completely right.  I feel so exhilarated when I run that I often just want to take off like a bat out of Hell and bust my moves all over the place.

Last night I was at the gym and went for a 25 minute run to start.  It felt great.  It was nearly a week since my last run and I was determined to get it done.  Twenty-five minutes is all I could handle as the gym was 26 degrees (c) (which is about 78 degrees (F) – which means it was grossly hot and humid and a girl can only take so much.

I was at the gym for about 80 minutes in total and got in cardio and tons of strength – abs, legs, arms, back.   I started the 30 Day Abs Challenge and the 30 Day Squat Challenge again this month so I made sure to incorporate those exercises into the routine as well.  All in all it was a great night for exercise (which was only cut short by a visit from my dad) and I’m excited to get back there again tonight for a pre-workout before my Zumba class.

Since it’s the start of the month and Monday was a holiday, Zumba is my only class this week.  However, Barre Strength begins Monday night, followed by Yoga and Thursday night will be back to the regular routine of Zumba and Yoga.  And I’m looking into taking some kickboxing classes with my sister-in-law (who’s been after me to come to a class with her for years now).  My brother was a boxer when we were teenagers and I used to box and kick box with his boxing bag and gloves back then, but a serious kickboxing class is something I’ve yet to attempt.  Hopefully I can get to one class for the experience and then make the judgement as to whether I want to fork over the money and commit to another class.  I’m not opposed to joining more classes, I just want to be sure that it’s a class I really enjoy.  Right now, I’d like to get into another cardio class (so kickboxing might be for me) and more into yoga.

Happy September!

~Fit Bitch


Jump Rope And Push Up Challenge (and I Completed the Ab Challenge!)

Hip Hip Hooray!!  I finally completed the 30 Day Ab Challenge (although it seemed like a lot longer than 30 days).  Last night was my last challenge….and I couldn’t wait to get it over with.  To be perfectly honest, I think I was starting to get a little bored with it.  But I stuck with it and am proud to have completed it.  My body is stronger and my abs are a little tighter.   However, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t get the results that I was hoping to see, but I’m not surprised by that.  I work out way too often and have for way too long.  This challenge would be perfect for someone perhaps with a little extra weight around the tummy or who is just beginning an exercise routine.  Although I’m not certain, I would suggest that that type of person would have better results.  So, good luck to you all.  Stick with it even if you get bored.  I worked it into my regular routines, whether I was at the gym, doing Yoga or working out at home.  And remember to take your breaks. 

Now it’s a new day and I’m up for a new challenge.  I like to keep it interesting and switch it up a bit.  So, very soon I will begin the Jump Rope and Push Up Challenge.

Jump RopeAlthough I am super excited to start this Challenge and incorporate it into my daily workouts, I may have to wait a few days to start because I, being the dimwit that I am, rolled my ankle in Zumba class the other night.  It rolled, it made a cracking sound and down I went.  Boom!  Luckily it’s just a roll (maybe a minor sprain) and I can walk on it now but it’s sore and weak and swollen.  I’ve been unfortunate to have broken both of my ankles over time and they’re very weak.  The last time I rolled it badly was my first round of Insanity two years ago and ended up with a bad sprain and an ankle that looked like this:

My sad cankle...

My sad cankle…

Looks pretty gross and that weird pattern is from the bandage I had wrapped around it.  But yes, that disgusting thing is just a sprained ankle cankle.  So, it’s in my best interest to find other activities to do the next few days (elliptical, weights, yoga) and work on strenghtening and healing.  When I do start the Challenge (and head back to Zumba class next week) I’ll have to have my ankle wrapped for extra support.  In the meantime I will continue to strive to stay fit and healthy.  ~Fit Bitch 




30 Day Ab Challenge

Last month I participated in the 30 Day Squat Challenge (which you can find here) which I rocked right up until Day 24 when I was hit with the flu and wasn’t able to stand/walk/get out of bed/stop whining for my mommy for days on end and am still recovering.   I was very disappointed in myself for not being able to complete the challenge because I have always worked out sick and injured and this was the first time that literally felt I was unable to complete a task.  (Although, one day last week, when I felt I was able to start squatting again I resumed where I left off….but apparently the flu left me unable to do math because I overshot my squats and instead of doing 225 I did 265.  My ass and thighs were very sore the next few days.)

My new task is to complete the 30 Day Ab Challenge.

Ab Challenge

I was planning to start this challenge at the start of this month but, again, the flu hindered that.  So I will be starting it very soon – probably next week, if not sooner.  I want to be in full flu-recovery before I begin this challenge because I don’t want to fail again – and this challenge looks pretty intense.  And to be honest, my tummy is just not up for the task yet (although I have been working my abs in my workouts).  I’m hoping (HOPING) that I will be back to great health soon, hopefully by next week, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, at this point I’m wondering if this flu bug is something more.

Once I do start the Ab Challenge I will post about it and the results.  I can truthfully say that my thighs are tighter and stronger from participating in the Squat Challenge and my goal is to begin it again either mid-month or at the start of June (I like to have an even 30 days to work with), so here’s aiming for that.

~Fit Bitch