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I saw this article the other day and had a good chuckle. ¬†Because basically it’s true. And if you have ever participated in one (or many) of my classes, you’ll see the humor – and reality – in it.

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Boot Camp Addict

10 things you only understand if you do boot camp

~Fit Bitch

Be The Fire

On Fire

Just kidding! ¬†It’s really not that bad.

I think, for many, there is a preconceived notion that exercise and good nutrition is hard. ¬†And it’s not worth the struggle. ¬†The truth: ¬†YES, it can be hard. ¬†There are some days when you will feel like your legs are on fire from the squats and lunges, or your abs will be burning from the planks, crunches, or cuts, or your triceps will be screeching hot from the push-ups and dips. ¬†But think about it. ¬†Aren’t you worth it??¬† With everything in the entire world to focus on, shouldn’t you make yourself the primary focus?

You don’t have to commit to working out every minute of every day, or eat clean entirely. ¬†But make the commitment that you deserve more. ¬†Remind yourself that your body is your temple and treat it with love and respect. ¬†Nurture it inside and out (aka nutrition and exercise), and, certainly, indulge it here and there.

For many of us, losing the weight isn’t the struggle. ¬†That’s not where the fire is. ¬†No, the struggle is loving yourself and accepting yourself, and acknowledging your worth. ¬†It takes time – and believe me, I know it is often still a constant battle – but we are all worth it.

So, dive in, head first, and start that fire burning.  And eventually, hopefully, that hell will become your haven.

~Fit Bitch

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