Butt and Gut 30 Day Challenge

I am really bad with posting challenges at the start of the month.  But then again, a healthy lifestyle change doesn’t (have to) wait til the start of the month so, I guess I’m letting myself off the hook.  I think any day is a good day to start a workout practice or healthy eating program (not diet!!).  In fact, I’m gearing up to start another Whole 30 on Monday – no point in waiting til the start of August when I can feel so much better sooner?

So, with that being said, below is a 30 Day Butt and Gut Challenge to get you going.  Even if you’re new to exercising, this little challenge is totally doable.  And it’s a great complement to your regular fitness practice if you already have one.

And me, I’m a little nuts and completely in love with squats and lunges and planks and crunches.  And pretty much all of it…except push-ups….I hate push-ups! (The result of a serious back injury.)

This Challenge is so great because it’s only four moves but pretty much works your entire body that you can do right in your home!  It also mixes cardio and strength and will definitely get your heart rate going.  And, you get rest days.  TAKE YOUR REST DAYS!  🙂

I love this Challenge so much I’m going to do it along with my regular workouts.  Why not?  Like I said, it can be a great complement to an established fitness regime.

Give it a try and see how you feel in a month’s time.


Butt and Gutt

~Fit Bitch


5 responses to “Butt and Gut 30 Day Challenge

  1. Thank you for the Challenge, I work overseas (offshore). My wife found it and sent it to me. The problem is I’ve finished it yesterday 01-25-2017. Do I start over, add to to it, what? I’m 56, overweight. 6’1″ 260 lbs. I work off the coast of Nigeria, so all I dare eat is baked fish, chicken and what they call salad (shredded cabbage, onions, chillies, tomatoes ect..). I walked 2-3 miles a day (on heliport).
    Help ?

  2. Hi Daniel! It’s great that you’re able to work out while working away.
    Now that you’ve finished the challenge you have some options: you can start over or you can start over and double the day’s workouts, or you can do the challenge while adding other exercises to it. Or, you can scroll through the blog and find another challenge or workout to do. You can also check YouTube for workout videos (Jillian Michael and Shaun T both have terrific programs available). I hope you find something that works for you. Please let me know if you have other questions or need more help. 🙂

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