Be Supportive


Remember: we all start somewhere.  Be supportive.


~Fit Bitch

4 responses to “Be Supportive

  1. how about also not taking pictures of people and using them as memes…

    (I totally applaud the sentiment by the way) 🙂

    • PS…I also totally know that it wasn’t you who took the picture and totally agree with the be supportive and no judgement!! 😀

      • I agree with not taking photos (and no, I didn’t take this photo). 🙂

        Many people are already self conscious enough about going to the gym. It should remain a private and safe place for us all to be able to exercise.

      • It is unfortunate that so many attempts to be supportive (not yours!) end up being partonising and / embarrassing!
        I think I am slightly over sensitive about this issue as I have been there!

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