30 Day Wall Sit Challenge

Today is March 1st.  Let’s take this month to strengthen our core, strengthen our legs, improve our posture, and increase our stamina.

Let’s make March the month for the 30 Day Wall Sit Challenge.
Wall Sit Challenge

I love wall sits.  I do them in my classes often.  I think they are fantastic.

I know they seem hard.  Believe me.  The though of “sitting” in the position freely for 300 seconds (that’s 5 whole minutes!) is maybe a little terrifying to some of  you.  But, I promise, it does get easier – because you get stronger.

When I first started the practice of wall sitting I could barely get through 30 seconds.  My thighs were screaming.  But now I can shake my booty with a smile on my face while we hold position.  I love it.  I feel stronger with each sit.

I feel proud.

Wall Sit girl

Proper wall sit:  This chick is lookin’ pretty good!

So don’t be scared.  Take this month to strengthen every part of your body.

when you first start, why not even try doing it a few times a day?  (Hey, it’s just a suggestion!)  Then come back in a month and tell me how you feel.  I want to hear how much stronger you’ve gotten in just 30 days.

~Fit Bitch


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