When You Try

Via Yahoo

Via Yahoo

I got an email the other day from someone close to me that stated “though I will never be a runner…”

As soon as I read that I jumped into a reply saying “YES, You can be a runner!!”

You can be a yogi.  You can be a marathon runner.  You can be a boot camp rock star.  You can be a bench presser.  You can be a swimmer.  You CAN do it!

And that, my friends, is simply my point.  If you try, you can.

Last week I did my first head stand in yoga class.  I tried it and I did it.  I was so happy.  I never would have known that I could balance on my head if I had not tried.

So often we let opportunities pass us by because we’re afraid to try.  We watch beautiful things enter and exit our lives simply because we are nervous that we might fail.  Know what I say to that??  PFFFFFTTT!!!

I say go ahead and put those sneakers on and start out with your jog.  I say sign up for the class, join the gym, get some yoga use our of your yoga pants.  Do it!  DO ITTTT!!

Because you’ll never know unless you try, and then you’ll just be left with regrets.

You can do it!

~Fit Bitch