Size Doesn’t Matter

…At least in this instance.

This week Woman’s Running magazine made headlines by making a “plus sized” woman its cover model.  

  While  this certainly seems to be a profound move, it’s also sad that, in 2015, this is news – because it’s never really happened before.
I’m ecstatic that Women’s Running is fantastic and chose this beauty to display on their cover – to show the world that being heavier doesn’t always equal unhealthy (or that being thin equals being healthy, for that matter!!).  I’m tired of seeing people who have a little more meat on their bones being portrayed as lazy.  It’s an unfair stigma, dammit!  

And to add, we all have to start somewhere.  The woman on the cover is pretty much me ten years ago.  I was  the gal running down the street and on the trail with a little extra jiggle here and there.  But I was running. And I was exercising.  

Furthermore, It’s tiring and often heartwrenching for many, seeing the magazine racks lined with supermodels and waifish celebrities. Enough with that crap!  Here’s hoping more magazines will follow in the footsteps of Women’s Running magazine and include men and women of all shapes, sizes, genders, and races to portray the “average” woman and man.

~Fit Bitch