The Times they are a-Changin’

Don’t let this be you tomorrow!

daylight savings

I cannot believe the time change is already here.  BUT, I guess that means we’re that much closer to Spring and outdoor activities.

I kid you not, I am STILL surrounded by mountains of snow but the sun has been shining here and there (although I think it’s supposed to snow again today *sigh*) and I’m dreaming of warmer weather.

So, even though we’re losing that hour tomorrow, be sure to make the make the effort to fit that workout in.

~Fit Bitch

2 responses to “The Times they are a-Changin’

  1. Hour? Its been over a month now! ;p

  2. Hahaha. I know, Andy. I’m been slack lately. Life is getting in the way. Update soon – I promise.

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