Getting Started



Don’t be afraid of the unknown. You can do this!

Years ago when I decided to make a change to my lifestyle, I had no idea where to start…so I just started.  I got up one day and climbed on my elliptical and that was it.  My life changed in those moments and I have never looked back.

Making a change can be a scary thing.  We become so accustomed to our lifestyles and comfortable in our habits and often the idea of change – regardless of how grand and beneficial it can be – holds us back.

But don’t let it….don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid of looking silly or feeling self-conscious or doing something wrong….because whatever you choose to do, you’re already a step ahead of where you were yesterday.  And you’re miles ahead of those who are still stuck on the couch.

You can do this!

~Fit Bitch


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