Where Are the Men??

I’m apologizing in advance for the stereotypical photo about to follow this sentence.  It was the best one I could find.

via Yahoo

via Yahoo

I’ve been teaching my boot camp classes for about 5 months now and I have not yet had one single man show up.  Sure, I’ve had a few guys say they’d like to try it out but I haven’t seen any of them put their money where their mouths are. Guys….what’s the problem??

I think, however, that my luck might be changing.  Tonight I had a phone call from someone – a male someone – inquiring about my classes and hoping to show up next class.  *FINGERS CROSSED*

But my question to you – dear male readers – what’s up?  Boot camps are intense.  And they’re not aimed for one particular sex (I’ve seen tons of video of co-ed boot camps and the workouts are crazy).  So, why no love over here?  What’s your take?  COMMENT….PLEASE.  🙂

~Fit Bitch

5 responses to “Where Are the Men??

  1. Can’t speak for other men but I’m RPTing

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