30 Day Plank Challenge

I think I must be a little drunk because I was certain I’d posted a Plank Challenge in the past, but after searching my posts I couldn’t find one.  So, either one of two things happened: 1) I must have gotten it confused with parts of the 30 Day Ab Challenge because I know I did a plank challenge at one point and the Ab Challenge includes planks or 2) I saved a Plank Challenge to my files somewhere and thought I posted it and the voices in my head told me I posted it.

Alas, I did not.

But, because I’m super awesome and want to post a Plank Challenge I’m going to do just that.  Now.  Right now.

Plank Challenge

I love planks.  It is one of the best exercises because, although it primarily works your core, it engages so many other parts of your body – arms, neck, back, legs, ankles.

Three major things to remember with the blank: 1) Remember to breathe  2) Be mindful of your back.  A perfect plank maintains alignment from one end of your body to the other. If you ever feel like your back is dipping (or your butt is too high) then more than likely it is. You should never feel pain in your lower back (or anywhere else for that matter) when doing a plank.  3) Take a knee.  If you do feel like you’re starting to sway or lose your stability, or are just flat out tired from the plank, there is no shame in taking a quick knee.  Get your breath back and get back into it when you’re ready.  Bad form will never do you any favors.

Good luck all.

~Fit Bitch

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