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I love to travel. And over the last several years I’ve been increasingly travelling. Being a fitness fanatic, I, at first, worried about exercising while away but, I discovered that it’s pretty easy to stay fit while on the road.
Most hotels these days have a fitness room and/or a pool – and these are always great options when you’ve got a hankering for a good workout. But what about for those times when a fitness room isn’t available? Or if you are looking for something not-so-routine?

Fear not! I have some tips and ideas.
Obviously, if you’re a runner, there is always that option. Running on a trail (just be safe!), through a new city, or at the beach are wonderful ways to stay active when travelling. (And fun ways to explore.). And hey, while you’re at the beach, take advantage of a great swim to get/keep your heart pumping.

A friend of mine recently went to Mexico for a mini vacation. The hotel did not have a fitness room and she wasn’t keen on exploring the area on her own. She did, however, have her tablet with her and I linked her to some great workout videos. That’s one of the beauties of technology…if you have a tablet or smart phone you can view thousands of workouts online (via YouTube or other sites) and can exercise right there in your hotel room. (I’ve done yoga in my hotel room several times.) My friend loved the videos and was satisfied with the routines she was able to do. Printable workouts you find online – or even ones you make up yourself – are another option to help you keep fit. Again, these workouts can be done in the hotel room, at the beach, or in a nearby park. You might even want to grab other vacationers to participate and run your own mini boot camp.

Take advantage of what’s being offered: If you’re at a resort or campground that offers boating – kayaking, canoeing, paddle boats – definitely try it out. You can get great arm, core or leg workouts. If there is a playground in the area that’s another way to keep active. You’d have to use your imagination a bit but chin ups on the monkey bars, stair climbing up the slide, reverse crunches down the slide – these are some ideas. If there are organized hikes or other form of fitness “classes” being offered through your accommodations they are always worth a look (especially if they’re complimentary!).

Playground Fitness - every little bit counts

Playground Fitness – every little bit counts

A lot of gyms offer first-time freebies or a cheap drop-in rate for visitors. As well, local community centres are another great option for keeping fit on the fly as many of them offer fitness classes. (Schools, colleges and universities often have fitness centres, inside running trails, and activities available.) Most towns and cities have a webpage these days and you can search recreation options there. Or, you can search “fitness instructors” in that particular area or even pinpoint a specific class in the area (zumba, yoga, crossfit, kickboxing, rock climbing, etc.). Again, Most instructors offer drop in rates for classes. You can also look for local events in the area you’ll be visiting – organized races (5-10ks or fun runs.), relays, dances, hikes, etc. are fantastic ways to stay active.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy

Planning a scavenger hunt with your travel mate (or even just on your own) is a fun way to stay active. Write up a list of objects required and race around the City or resort to locate everything.

This post was inspired by the “Hotel Hike” at the Aria Las Vegas ( “With exercises intended to build the same muscles you would target on an actual hike, be prepared to walk up a whole lot of stairs during the 60-minute Indoor Hike at Aria at CityCenter. Escalators are off limits!” It’s such a unique way to get some exercise in (in such a swanky environment) that I hope other hotels and resorts are inspired to incorporate these types of events into their attractions.

The best way to stay fit and active while on vacation or when travelling is to be prepared. Pack your gym gear and keep an open mind. If you can, do your homework before hand (by researching the area and the event options as I mentioned above) and possibly make a schedule so that you ensure you maintain your fitness goals. Continue to eat healthy. Treats are okay but your whole day or vacation can’t be a treat. AND, as always, HAVE FUN!

~Fit Bitch


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