Being Fit DOES NOT Mean Being Thin!

The other day I was having a Facebook conversation with a guy who was asking if I have any single friends. I suggested a friend to him and he said he would have to decline as she was not his “type.” So I asked him what his type was and he replied “Well, I do like someone fit.”
Now, from what I know of this dude, “fit” is not his type….THIN is his type. And of course I went off on a mini tangent:

“Now listen…..just because some of us have a little extra meat doesn’t mean we’re not fit. I work out every day, just wrote my exam to be a certified personal trainer, and I’m not skinny Minnie….Does NOT mean I’m not fit. Fit and thin are two different things. So…be cautious of what you ask for!”

He really peeved me off. First of all, the girl I suggested to him is not unfit. She works out and she looks great. Another woman I know who he had dated is super skinny to the point that she’s under weight. She’s lost a lot of weight due to stress and then due to not eating. She admits she had eating disorders for a long time and believes that, to a degree, they have resurfaced since she started losing this recent weight. She’s gangly and her head looks too big for her body. To him, this woman is “fit”, to me, she is unhealthy.

There’s a photo circulating the internet and social media that I love. It’s what 150lbs looks like on different women and I think it’s an important image for us to view:

What 150lbs looks like on different women

What 150lbs looks like on different women

Our bodies are different. We need to stop comparing ourselves to others. And we NEED TO STOP BELIEVING THAT THIN = FIT/HEALTHY!
Now, I’m not saying that thin men and women aren’t healthy or fit, I’m stating that they are not one and the same.
I don’t want to be shamed into thinking believing that I’m not healthy or fit because I’m not a size 0 (which, I’ve always wondered, why is that even a size? Shouldn’t sizes start at 1??).

Years ago I was on a date with a guy (a professional wrestler, BTW, with protruding tummy), who stated that Pink was fat. PINK. THIS WOMAN:
pink cut

Pink is not fat. She’s a hard-working woman with one of the most cut bodies I’ve ever seen. Yet, my Jelly Belly date decided to take whatever anger or resentment he had for her and throw a weight comment in. Such a dick. Y’know, sometimes, you just can’t win.
(And for the record, even if Pink was fat, who the eff was this guy with his beer gut and slicked back hair to comment on it?)

I’ve sort of lost my train of thought in my writing because I’m angered at these guys but my point, when I started out with this post, is that we HAVE to realize that just because we’re skinny doesn’t mean we’re healthy. Or just because we carry a little extra weight in our legs or arms doesn’t mean we’re not fit. And we need to stop striving for unhealthy goals in order to accomplish something that may not be suitable, realistic or healthy in the first place.

~Fit Bitch


8 responses to “Being Fit DOES NOT Mean Being Thin!

  1. Wendy

    Love your post!!! People always think that because they are thin they are healthy too. I started my weight loss journey 10 weeks ago and i couldn’t be happier. I didn’t do it to be thin I started the journey to get fit a live a healthier life. I have dropped 16 lbs and although I am not thin I feel accomplished.

  2. Wendy

    Oh and by the way, Pink is NOT FAT!!!!! I love her!

    • Wendy! First of all – congrats on your weight loss AND on making the change to a healthier lifestyle. I bet you feel fabulous!
      And that is my point, exactly – people just assume that thin equals healthy and It doesn’t. And it’s also assumed that heavier equals unhealthy, and it certainly doesn’t. We need to change our perspectives on things. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment. And I agree…Pink rocks!

  3. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
    Where TF did he get off calling pink fat!!! Maybe PHAT! I am going to just tell myself that MUST be what he meant cuz it just ain’t computing any other way. My brain is litterally making farting noises and jamming up and I’m afraid it might just completely go into system failure or something if I try and tell myself he meant anything else.
    (Shaking head) this is the work we live in

    • Can I get a “Hell Yeah!” to that?? For the most part, I think people tear each other apart because of their own jealousies and insecurities – AND guys do this too. I think Wrestler Man must’ve been shot down by a Pink look-a-like or something, or perhaps he was jealous of her incredible body and remarkable talent. I wonder where he is today…..probably bagging groceries somewhere. 🙂

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