Cassey Ho’s Waist Whittlers Challenge

Last night at the end of my kickboxing class we worked on our abs – rotating from minute long planks to push-ups – about a dozen times. Starting off, it seemed simple enough but after about the 4th minute I wanted to cry a little…I mean, we’d just done an hour long kickboxing class mixed with some HIIT (high intensity interval training). But if felt great and it was a superb way to end a long work week.

Today was going to be my day off from exercise as I’ve got shin splints and calf muscle cramps and I just need to relax and let my body heal. BUT, I gave into the voices in my head and decided to try a Challenge I’d seen earlier in the week.

Cassey Ho has a great fitness website – Blogilates – and this morning I made it through her Waist Whittlers 100 Challenge. Let me just say that after the ab workout I had last night I probably should have waited a little longer before completing this little workout – I have a feeling my body will be screaming at me tomorrow. Regardless, it was a fun little workout and I will be doing it again. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

~Fit Bitch


3 responses to “Cassey Ho’s Waist Whittlers Challenge

  1. yescareerservices

    Where is that workout on her site?


    My best, Kelly

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  2. yescareerservices

    Got it! Googled it! Enjoy your posts always!!

    My best, Kelly

    Sent from my iPhone


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