30 Day Arm Challenge

Spring has finally arrived which means that summer is on the way, WHICH MEANS that baring our arms is more than likely about to become a necessity for survival in the heat.

Therefore, welcome to the next 30 days of your life with the 30 Day Arm Challenge. These are great little workouts for beginners or people who want to tone up and improve upper body strength.

This Challenge can be completed on its own or accompanied by your regular workout regime. And just remember, as with all my Challenges, HAVE FUN!!

30 day ARm challenge

~Fit Bitch

*Edit: I’ve had a few people ask me what Dips are and how to do them so I’m including a few photos of different variations. The main points to keep in mind when doing dips are to keep your core tight and DON’T let your shoulders sink.
Tricep Dips can be done from the floor, an exercise ball, a weight bench or from a chair – basically any surface that will support you. Keeping your core tight, with your elbows behind you, BEND from the elbows and lower your body – do not lower from the core, it should always be tight and stable – and lift back up to starting position. Repeat as per the Challenge.

Guy Dip

4 responses to “30 Day Arm Challenge

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  2. Amy

    How do u do Dips? I have no idea what those are

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