As I have mentioned, I recently completed my CanFitPro certification course to become a trainer.  There were about 12 people in my class, split pretty equally of girls and guys of different ages and backgrounds and with different goals.  Although, at first, I was a little intimated, everyone was very gracious and likeable and approachable, and I’ve been in contact with several of my classmates.  But y’know, there’s always that one person….the person you connect with and who you feel comfortable with and who you think you’ve made a life-long friend in.

I met Batman just prior to the class starting – most of us had to travel from different areas of the province and a few of us arrived early.  Batman was sitting at a table with Robin and I asked if I could join them while we waited for the classroom to open.  Over the course of this certification, Batman and I began chatting and have developed a friendship.  And, although he is on the opposite side of the province, I have fallen just a teensy bit in love with him and his motivation, and he’s become my (super)hero.


This guy and I have had many in-depth conversations and have recognized that we share very similar life events.  Our pasts have been very different but our paths have been so much the same.  So similar, in fact, that I continue to refer to us as the same person.  Thankfully, his sense of humor is as warped as mine so he sort of gets it me.

Batman has inspired me to do and become so much more in the gym; he is a big part of the reason I have decided to Step Outside My Comfort Zone and work on attaining new goals and try new equipment (that, and to rub it in his face that his gym does not have a Smith Machine).  This dude has an incredible past and has accomplished so much and, although I haven’t known him for too long (or too well, for that matter), I feel like he’s just been in my life; like he is the best friend that I haven’t seen in years but we can pick up right where we left off.  I feel incredibly comfortable with him, discussing my goals, my intimidations and fears, and the dark times that have made me stronger – because he’s been through similar.  I gather so much inspiration and motivation from this guy – it’s a little ridiculous.  I am proud to know him.

So, it is with great excitement and pleasure that I announce that Batman has agreed to do an interview with me for a future post!  I cannot wait for you all to meet him and get a little of the insight that he’s shared with me.  I hope that he is able to inspire you the way that he’s inspired me.  And, at the very least, that you can see that your goals are attainable as well.

He is an incredible person; kind, brave, likeable, and dedicated to his fitness and I can’t wait to introduce him to you!

(AND just to note that Batman has pinky sworn an adventure to me and maybe his time in the spotlight will make him hold true to that! So be sure to comment, comment, comment because Fit Bitch loves adventures!)


~Fit Bitch


3 responses to “Inspiration/Motivation

  1. Okay let’s try this again… this is my second attempt at commenting :-\

    I have always told you that people come into your life for a reason. You love life and love finding the good in people. Batman is lucky to have found a friend in you.

    • Thank you, Elizabeth. I wholeheartedly agree. There’s a reason this guy and his biceps have walked into my life and it has mostly to do with his big heart. What a genuinely lovely person he is. I hope he holds true to his pinky swear and we can have that adventure together. 🙂

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