The Zombie Run



Ahhhhhhh….Sometimes I really wish I lived in the USA.  Today I want to live in the USA because The Zombie Run is apparently only available in the US.

And This Zombie Run (Black Ops) looks freakin’ fantastic!  It’s a “terrifying nighttime obstacle course through 3.1 miles of fire, obstacles, smoke, mazes and zombie-infested darkness.”  Now, try and tell me you don’t want to be part of that.


I want, I want, I WANT to do this.  Imagine how insane your adrenaline would be if you were being chased and grabbed at by zombies….IN THE DARK!!

If any of you are USA-bound I hope you get to participate.  And if you do PLEASE let me know how awesome this is.  And if anyone wants to bring this to Nova Scotia I will round up a crap-load of troops and be the first to sign up!

~Fit Bitch


10 responses to “The Zombie Run

  1. Oh my gosh, okay, so I’m a huge fan of The Walking Dead, but ahhh, scary!!! Wow, hehe!! Looks like fun, though!!

  2. Sally

    There was a zombie run in Wales back on halloween last year!

  3. Zoe Miranda

    Are you going to be participating in the Prison Break Race in Halifax in early June? While not as terrifying as zombies, it does look pretty fun and Groupon had a deal a while back:

    • Thank you Zoe! I had not heard of this event but it looks like a blast. Unfortunately I am the MOH in my BFF’s wedding on June 7th but I may *consider* participating on June 8. Thank you for sending this. 🙂

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