Healthier Version Fish Burger

This is not my fish fish burger did not last long enough to be posed for a photo

This is not my fish burger….my fish burger did not last long enough to be posed for a photo

There’s a little restaurant a few towns over that boyfriend and I love and they make the most delicious fish burger.  I know what you may be thinking “Fish burger?  Gross.”  But it’s not gross….it’s soooo good.  *And I live in Nova Scotia where there is an abundance of seafood. Jealous?)

When I was really little I loved McDonalds’s Filet-o-Fish.  Back in the day, eating at McDonald’s was a treat, not the everyday norm that it seems to be now – and again, I’m not that old.  But my parents raised us on pretty healthy home-cooked meals and eating at fast food joints just didn’t happen that often.  But when I got to go, I almost always  got the F-o-F.  I can’t even recall the last time I’ve had one of those…probably high school.

And, as I was saying, this particular restaurant makes a YUM fish burger and it’s not super battered or super greasy – which is perfect.  So, a few days ago I got a craving for a fish burger.  But, because of my evening fitness classes, I have to plan my meals out so that a) I’m not going to the gym and then classes with a heavy stomach  b) I’m not getting home until close to 10pm and chowing down and hitting the sack on a heavy stomach (PLUS – who wants to clean up all those dishes at, like, 11 o’clock at night?).

So, here’s the thing: Tuesday nights are (for now) my no class nights which means I left work, hit the gym and then made myself a great dinner of a healthier version fish burger.  I literally just inhaled it because it was so good.

I baked a lightly seasoned haddock filet – NOT battered and NOT fried – and threw it on a whole grain crustini bun with some spinach and light garlic mayo and had a side of grilled purple cabbage*.

Not quite as good looking as mine

Not quite as good looking as mine

It all was so wonderfully indulgent and delicious and to be perfectly honest, if I had made two fish burgers I probably would have eaten two fish burgers because it was just.that.good.  (Okay, just want to say here that I really wouldn’t have eaten two fish burgers, I’m just trying to emote here how darn good my dinner was.)

*By the way, cabbage is delicious raw or cooked and has an abundance of health benefits including being packed with fiber and vitamins and potassium.  I often chop some up and eat it when I’m craving something sweet or crunchy or snacky.

Let me just say this, my dinner tonight was better and obviously more nutritious than any fish burger and side I could get at a restaurant (especially a fast food restaurant).  So, the next time you’re craving an indulgent, try making your own healthier version of it.

~Fit Fish Bitch 😉



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