We’ve Got Legs

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I have heavy legs.  I always have.  And although they’re strong and they’re full of muscle, I am still very self conscious about them.  I’ve always wanted long, svelte legs like a supermodel but I’ve sort of come to terms with the fact that, at 5’6″, that’s never going to happen.  So, I work hard to tone them and continue to build strong, muscular legs.  I run and I squat and I lunge.  I do all kinds of crazy things to build up the strength in what I’ve always referred to as my tree trunks.

I’ve accepted that my legs are a part of me and they are there to carry me through each day and I feel blessed and thankful for them, regardless of how thick or short I feel they are.  My best friend’s brother (and my good friend) was in an accident when we were 15 and he was left a quadriplegic.  He has struggled in ways that I can’t even imagine and he has come out strong, happy and successful.  So I am going to continue to be thankful and feel blessed for the abilities I have and for the legs that carry me.

In the meantime, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to tone up your legs – female or male (O.M.G. – a man’s calf muscle will catch my eye quicker than anything else – unless it’s Norman Reedus’s arms**).


so here you go, your Sexy Legs Workout.  Do this 3 times a week (incorporate it into your regular fitness routine or do it as a routine on its own).


You should definitely do this workout while listening to ZZ Top’s “Legs”:

~Fit Bitch

** Norman’s arms – I mean, can you blame me?

Norman Reedus and ....some dude

Norman Reedus and ….some dude



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