She Did It (Now I Have To)

A few months ago I posted that my friend was going to run a 10k marathon and although I was unable to participate, I told her I would train with her and would match her run.  I’m proud to say that Sunday morning my girl Ames crossed the finish line in about 1 hr 20 mins.

running woman

So, although I’ve been running a few times each week and following (somewhat) her training schedule, the last 2 weeks I’ve been taking my time with my running because of the medical emergency I have been dealing with.  I’ve gotten a few really good runs this last week but I’ll have to make the effort to complete my 10k sometime soon.

I’m used to running as I’ve been an avid runner for quite a few years.  I loved getting outside as often as possible to go for a nice long stretch of my sneakers on the pavement.  It was last year that I had to cut out running for a time as I’d had eye surgery and wasn’t permitted to run.  And once I was relieved of my “walking duty” I really only ran outside a few times.  Most of my runs for the past year have been inside on a treadmill.  It’s just too dangerous for me to be on the road, out in public – I have no depth perception in one eye and the risk of falling, tripping, sliding, stumbling, etc. is so high that I’ve limited myself.  But now I have a reason to get my butt back outside.  I made a commitment to myself and to my friend and I’m going to follow through with it.   Sometime within the next few weeks I will have documented my 10k run.

~Fit Bitch

9 responses to “She Did It (Now I Have To)

  1. Good luck in your quest! You will do great, I am sure…

  2. summer

    Hello, I was just cruising around and came across your page. Love it!

  3. ANewOutlook

    Its a lot of hard work but so worth it I used to run long distance. My first race was a 12k I completed it in 1 hr 23 min. If I can do it so can you!

  4. Robert

    Whoa! Running 10K is not a “marathon”. Someone who writes a fitness blog should have done the cursory research or be aware of this very basic bit of knowledge.

    • Hi Robert, no, you’re correct, a 10k is certainly not a marathon, however, the 10k I’m referring to in this post is called “The Harvest Marathon.” And although I appreciate your comment, being rude or making fun of a person for her littlest of effort is not required. My friend completed her 10k at The Harvest Marathon in October and I’m proud of her. And to her, I’m sure as hell certain she considered it a marathon.

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