Challenges Complete


I am happy ecstatic to report that today is my last day for the 30 Day Ab Challenge and the 30 Day Squat Challenge.  This is my second time around with both.   And I feel exuberant having completed them together.

My abs certainly don’t look like the photo (neither do my thighs, for that matter – but my ass is lookin’ pretty fine!) and that is something that I accepted upon starting the Challenges again.  They’re exercises, not magic.  But, that being said, my tummy seems smaller and my thighs are definitely stronger (which I really noticed in Barre class last week).  I feel proud.

I hope everyone who started these Challenges stuck with it.  Who’s with me for the October Push Up Challenge?

~Fit Bitch


5 responses to “Challenges Complete

  1. Yes, you have some abs to die for your your pic on this post!

  2. Vor

    Results were great! Now how do I maintain?

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