Love Thyself

My cousin had this posted on her Facebook the other day and it resonated with me….as I’m sure it resonates with many…even some of you.

Love Thyself

It’s unfortunate how much time so many of us spend loathing our bodies.  Self acceptance is the first step in loving yourself. Realizing that your own (self) worth DOES NOT come from acceptance of someone else will change your life and your outlook.  Striving to be perfect will kill you.   Striving to better your health or your life is a better goal.  You’re already pretty great the way you are.   Once you believe that, others will too.

Love to all my Fit Bitches.

~Fit Bitch

One response to “Love Thyself

  1. It’s so, loving yourself and your body first is the only way to succeed in anything! Great quote!

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