I am always on the lookout for inspiration; whether it be in my personal life, my job, or my health – and within the fitness community.  And I have found fitness inspiration in the strangest place…Big Brother.

I am a huge Big Brother geek – since Season One (yes, the season most people choose to forget) and this year I was introduced to Elissa (Reilly) Slater.  Elissa, aside from being the sister of a Big Brother winner, Rachel Reilly, is a nutritionist and Yoga goddess.

Elissa Stars

This woman did yoga constantly in the Big Brother house, and now, since her eviction this past Thursday night, I assume in the Jury house as well.  She practiced wherever and whenever she could and I loved watching her.  She gave me some yoga goals to strive for.

I doubt I will ever be that bendy

I doubt I will ever be that bendy

She has a cute little website – Elissercise – and there’s a short little clip on YouTube of some of her yoga moves:

And living with a bunch of psychotics for 2 months, I’m sure the yoga helped Elissa to maintain her zen (Lord knows I would have smacked a bitch in that house!).  From what I’ve seen (from the show) Elissa comes across as a good person and the calming of yoga probably keeps her cool and collected.  She never raised her voice to others, she never joined in the trash or hate talk.  I was inspired by her yoga addiction and also by her inner strength, peace and beauty.  (I’m also extremely envious of her back and arms.)

elissa10Namaste, Elissa.

~Fit Bitch

PS Where does your inspiration come from?



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