My friend Kritt sent me a text the other day with the following photo and the caption “Let’s Do This!”:


I told her I was totally on board. This Challenge I think will be especially easy since I don’t include in my diet, ever, white bread, sodas, chips. For the most part I’m not a pastry/cake person (tho my brother’s birthday is this week so I will have to figure that one out), and I really don’t do fast food – but will have a wrap or Subway if it comes down to it. The big kicker for me is chocolate. I’m just short of a 12-Step Program. But so far, so good. Nothing from this list has entered my body since her text. It’s not such a big deal. Out of sight, out of mind.

HOWEVER (isn’t there always a “however”??), although I plan on completing this 21 Day Challenge, I’m all for having a treat on occasion. The key to good health and a healthy diet and lifestyle is moderating. Everything in moderation. If, once this Challenge is complete, I feel like having a slice of birthday cake, well, darnit, I will. I just won’t sit back and eat the whole cake (or have a slice every day). But once slice of cake won’t kill me. And one croissant won’t kill you. If you want something bad enough, have it. Enjoy it. Just don’t over do it.

Deprivation will only make you depressed and bitter and will (more than likely) be a contributing factor of failure.


~Fit Bitch


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