Marathon Training

dnews Marathon 10K raceEdit* Because one reader decided to post a rude comment questioning my intelligence on what a “marathon” is, I’m now taking it upon myself to articulate here that the marathon in question below is referred to as the Harvest Marathon in my community.  It is a big event that occurs on Sunday of Thanksgiving here in Canada.  This is why I referred to it as “a marathon.”  Now, that being said, I would like to point out (as I did to him) that although it may not technically be classified as a marathon, the 10k that my friend – and many others – ran in October was a very big feat for her and I’m incredibly proud of her, yet am annoyed that one such poster (who, BTW, blocked his information from the comment section) would attempt to take that away.  As I stated in my first post – Welcome! – I am not an expert.  I write about what I know and love – in addition to a full-time career and life.  I’m not looking for trolls on my site so if you have any negative comments please do not post them here.

I started running 6 or 7 years ago and fell in love with it. I ran a few times a week at first then added more days in. I had never thought of myself as a runner. I did a little track and field in school but it wasn’t until I started running for the sake of just running that I actually (finally) understood the “runner’s high.” Running is totally addictive. Sure, many people tote how bad running is for your body and yes, it may be hard on your knees and/or joints, but so is carrying around extra weight. Truth is, you risk an injury in most things you do, that’s just part of life. But running makes me happy and helps keep me fit so I’m not going to stop because of the potential dangers of it. I’ve made mistakes in the past with my runs but I now know my limits and I try not to push them.

Last week a friend asked me if I wanted to join her in her first 10k marathon. To be honest, I really don’t. Not because I’m lazy or that I don’t want to have to stop and use a port-a-potty in a crowd of hundreds of runners (okay, maybe that one a little), but because this marathon is held on Thanksgiving (in Canada) which is a pretty big family get together AND because it also happens to be my parents’ 40th wedding anniversary. So, on top of already being Thanksgiving and having a hundred and one things to do that day, I’ll also being playing host/organizer/wino-trying-to-keep-it-together-when-there’s-so-much-going-on to family and friends. I don’t know if I’ll be in the mood (or state of mind) to run a 10k marathon. And since there is a fee for signing up for the marathon, this Fit Bitch isn’t committing to anything yet.)

Now, that being said, I did tell my friend that I will train with her (and I’ll make a decision on the Run later). So, she has worked out a schedule and I’ve committed to matching her training each week until the marathon. Since I’m already committed to at least 4 classes a week – in addition to my regular exercise regime – I will have to work around those classes and incorporate the training into my regular fitness program. Progress has already been made and I’m looking forward to this quest.

Has anyone ran a marathon? Have some tips? 🙂

~Fit Bitch

3 responses to “Marathon Training

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  2. Robert

    No. A 10K is most definitely not a “marathon”. You should know better.

    • Hi Robert, no, you’re correct, a 10k is certainly not a marathon, however, the 10k I’m referring to in this post is called “The Harvest Marathon.” And although I appreciate your comment, being rude or making fun of a person for her littlest of effort is not required. My friend completed her 10k at The Harvest Marathon in October and I’m proud of her. And to her, I’m sure as hell certain she considered it a marathon.

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