A Simple Trick

Sometimes I get the munchies. Sometimes I am hungry, other times I am just bored. When the boredom takes over and I feel like I may indulge without actually being hungry, I will often follow one simple “trick” to prevent myself from overeating or eating mindlessly: I Brush My Teeth.


It’s so lame but it works. If I’m tired and being a couch potato or distracted at work, I will often get up and brush my teeth so that I won’t eat. I figured “I’ve eaten my meal. I don’t need to eat anything else.” When I ask myself if I’m actually hungry or just tired or bored, usually the answer is the latter and if it is I need to curb it. {If I truly am hungry I will not deny myself food – I’ll grab something small and healthy.}

We’ve become a society that feels the need to snack and snacking is quite often a result of boredom. I have been guilty of mindless eating while watching TV or even, on occasion, being lonely and I don’t want to resort to this too often. The teeth brushing thing really works for me.

There have also been days where I’ve been bored or hungry and exercised to curb both. I do this sometimes even if I’ve already worked out that day. It’s kind of the “mind over matter” thinking, only it’s become a “move-the-body over matter” instead.

~Fit Bitch

8 responses to “A Simple Trick

  1. I do that too!! It’s awesome to know I’m not the only one. Great tip to share.

  2. Hi.
    I love this blog.
    You are crazy awesome.
    And so are these tips and oh my god the amount of exercise you indulge in is inspirational.
    Keep doing what you sound to be best at, and I will keep getting more in love with you!!!!

  3. Kel

    I about fell out of my chair when I read this! I do the same thing, and the funny thing is, it works! God forbid I get food on my clean teeth! 😉

    • Kel – be careful you don’t chip your teeth falling out of your chair. 😉
      And it’s so lame but it works. I just ate a bunch of blueberries and had to brush asap so I’d stop snacking. 😀

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