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  1. vena

    i would like to do the 30 day ab challenge, but the only thing is i struggle with planks. i get a sore lower back from it, i used to go to the gym and asked them about it but they said i was just not to do it. can i swap the plank with something else?

  2. Hi Vena: Do you have lower back problems to begin with? If so, be very careful with your exercises, especially sit ups.
    I’m wondering if you’re holding the plank properly? You can find proper form for all the exercises on YouTube. However, that being said, if you are still having problems holding the plank maybe try either a high plank instead or a modified low plank (the low plank is what’s in the Challenge) – or even a side plank (start in high plank position – like a push up – and then roll to the side so that you’re balancing with one arm while the other arm is stretched toward the sky {check YouTube for proper form}. The thing with planks is that they’re actually really good for strengthening your back.
    If you still don’t think you can’t hold the plank then certainly moderate your workout to exclude this exercise but to include something in place of it – even splitting up the other three exercises in its place. Good luck and let me know how you’re making out. 🙂

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