Make Better Choices

I’m human.  As I am sure hope all of you are.  Because I am human I get cravings and I don’t eat 100% healthy all the time (tho it’s close).   But I do make better choices….and sometimes I give in to those cravings.  And you know what?  I’m alright with that. Eating healthy is ideal, however, a lot of the time there are circumstances where I’m not able to eat the greatest (or I just don’t want to).  When that happens, I am conscience of what I’m eating and what I’m putting into my body so, although I have cravings I still try to make better choices.

For instance, I love me some Iced Coffee from McDonald’s (even though I’m supposed to be caffeine-free these days, I still can’t shake this habit) but, I try to do a healthier version.  So, instead of the calorie-laced cream coffee I get mine made with skim milk.  And now McDonald’s has sugar-free shots so my treat is even better.

A taste of summer paradise - courtesy of Dollar Days at McDonald's

A taste of summer paradise – courtesy of Dollar Days at McDonald’s

If we’re on the road and the only dinner option is fast food I go for a salad or a grilled chicken wrap or something along those lines.  Just because we’re stuck at Burger King doesn’t mean I need get a Whopper.  And I never drink pop/soda.  In fact, I don’t ever get fountain drinks – period.  Unless it’s my Iced Coffee (which is normally just a morning thing), I usually just stick with water or I go without a drink.

If I’m craving chocolate I will opt for the dark chocolate bar.  A little goes a long way and I find that with its bitterness, just a tiny piece will satisfy my craving and I can shove the rest of the bar in my desk for the next time.  Or I will have a half a glass of dark chocolate almond milk.  It’s thick and it’s chocolately it’s so good and.  Yum!

A lot of the time if I’m craving something sweet I will have some melon (watermelon, honeydew, cantaloupe {does that count as a melon?}) or berries or other fruit.  And, although it doesn’t happen too often, if I get the craving for something crunchy I will chow down on either sugar snap peas or chopped up cabbage.  These are so good, I promise.

Of course, tho, there are days when you just have to give in to cravings (been there!)  and have that bag of chips or go for a nachos date with your friends.  Do it.  Be happy.  Enjoy.  And don’t make it a habit. 😉

~Fit Bitch


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