Jump Rope And Push Up Challenge (and I Completed the Ab Challenge!)

Hip Hip Hooray!!  I finally completed the 30 Day Ab Challenge (although it seemed like a lot longer than 30 days).  Last night was my last challenge….and I couldn’t wait to get it over with.  To be perfectly honest, I think I was starting to get a little bored with it.  But I stuck with it and am proud to have completed it.  My body is stronger and my abs are a little tighter.   However, to be perfectly honest, I didn’t get the results that I was hoping to see, but I’m not surprised by that.  I work out way too often and have for way too long.  This challenge would be perfect for someone perhaps with a little extra weight around the tummy or who is just beginning an exercise routine.  Although I’m not certain, I would suggest that that type of person would have better results.  So, good luck to you all.  Stick with it even if you get bored.  I worked it into my regular routines, whether I was at the gym, doing Yoga or working out at home.  And remember to take your breaks. 

Now it’s a new day and I’m up for a new challenge.  I like to keep it interesting and switch it up a bit.  So, very soon I will begin the Jump Rope and Push Up Challenge.

Jump RopeAlthough I am super excited to start this Challenge and incorporate it into my daily workouts, I may have to wait a few days to start because I, being the dimwit that I am, rolled my ankle in Zumba class the other night.  It rolled, it made a cracking sound and down I went.  Boom!  Luckily it’s just a roll (maybe a minor sprain) and I can walk on it now but it’s sore and weak and swollen.  I’ve been unfortunate to have broken both of my ankles over time and they’re very weak.  The last time I rolled it badly was my first round of Insanity two years ago and ended up with a bad sprain and an ankle that looked like this:

My sad cankle...

My sad cankle…

Looks pretty gross and that weird pattern is from the bandage I had wrapped around it.  But yes, that disgusting thing is just a sprained ankle cankle.  So, it’s in my best interest to find other activities to do the next few days (elliptical, weights, yoga) and work on strenghtening and healing.  When I do start the Challenge (and head back to Zumba class next week) I’ll have to have my ankle wrapped for extra support.  In the meantime I will continue to strive to stay fit and healthy.  ~Fit Bitch 




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