Bad Form


When I was in high school a girl I sort of knew started running.  She would run thru the town daily.  I’d see her all the time.  In fact, on occasion, I still see her out for her runs.  And to this day, many years later, she still has not lost any weight.  I’m certain that her lack of loss is due to her bad atrocious form.  Ugh.  It bothers me just thinking about it.  She has horrible posture, her arms flail out like a muppet on crack (tho she tries to keep her elbows tight to her sides – WTF?) and her head bobs around like a newborn baby.   And her legs.  No, don’t even get me started on her legs.  I can’t explain them or what they do….the entire package is just poor form.  I used to try to give her accolades but she looked so stupid.  I’d say “at least she’s moving.  At least she’s trying.”  But, to be honest, sometimes trying just isn’t enough.  BECAUSE bad form is dangerous.

Last night while at the gym I was in the weight area lifting and squating and working on my overall strength.  There was another woman there lifting weights and as I watched her I just shook my head and thought “That’s so pointless.”  This woman was swinging her weights.  Swinging them.  They were small 2 or 5 lb weights and she was all over the place with them.  If one of them had slipped from her hand there would have been a huge hole in the wall behind her – that’s how hard she was swinging them.  I tried not to judge her but she made it pretty easy to.

Bad form can not only be dangerous (especially if swinging weights go flying) and causes injuries, it can and will be detrimental to your workouts.

When I lift weights I am conscience of my posture and my all-over form and I usually try to lift in front of a mirror.  Many people think this is narcissistic but it’s not.  I want to ensure I am maintaining appropriate form and being visual certainly helps.

Being aware is most important when exercising.  If you’re doing squats, lunges, planks or lifting weights you MUST concentrate on maintaining good form and posture.  Any slight misform can cause a serious injury.  (I find it especially important to watch form when doing planks or crunches or exercise that affects your back and/or neck.  Neck and back injuries can be severe and are difficult to overcome.  Often, once injured, injured for life.)

It would be wise to see a trainer or coach if you’re at the gym.  That’s what those people are there for.  They get paid to help you and to teach you.  If a trainer (or the gym) is not attainable then one should be looking at other forms of instruction: YouTube or other online sources, magazines, books.  And if you’re able to, have someone spot you for the first little bit of your workouts.  Or, try recording yourself and checking out your form in playback.

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Please be safe.  Fit Bitch cares about you.

Form~Fit Bitch