I am a fan of Jillian Michaels and her workout videos.  She also provides really great information in her web series.  However, I am somewhat skeptical about her her weight loss claims.  I believe she’s lost weight thru diet and exercise, no doubt, however, as someone who’s been overweight and slimmed down thru diet and exercise only, I find it hard to believe that Jillian has had no “work” done.  As a petite 5-foot, 2-inch girl who’d packed on 175 pounds, Jillian shows no signs of sag or stretch or anything that most people I know who’ve lost a ton of weight (myself included) show.  I think it’s fine if she has had a tuck or the lot here or there, but own up to it.  If I had the opportunity I would consider getting tucked and tacked in certain places too.

The only "fat" photo of her found on the web

The only “fat” photo of her found on the web



Sizzling Hot

Sizzling Hot

Now, I’m not stating that Jillian Michaels has has plastic surgery, I’m simply suggesting the possibility.  BECAUSE…We need to be realistic.  If an individual is making lifestyle changes in order to lose weight – especially a dramatic amount – he or she needs to be aware that the outcome may not be truly represented by Jillian Michaels and other fitness gurus.  Yes, it’s realistic to lose the weight but in my weight loss journey I still have jiggly bits.  And I would be happier if my boobs were a little higher.  Not everything on my body is as smooth and sleek as Ms. Michaels’.  I am still a progress in motion.

Please don’t let this deter your goals.  Sleekness certainly is attainable.  It just may not be attainable for every person…and that is certainly okay.  Our perfection is our own.  We should not strive to be anyone else.  Be proud of who you are and of what you have done yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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