30 Day Ab Challenge

Last month I participated in the 30 Day Squat Challenge (which you can find here) which I rocked right up until Day 24 when I was hit with the flu and wasn’t able to stand/walk/get out of bed/stop whining for my mommy for days on end and am still recovering.   I was very disappointed in myself for not being able to complete the challenge because I have always worked out sick and injured and this was the first time that literally felt I was unable to complete a task.  (Although, one day last week, when I felt I was able to start squatting again I resumed where I left off….but apparently the flu left me unable to do math because I overshot my squats and instead of doing 225 I did 265.  My ass and thighs were very sore the next few days.)

My new task is to complete the 30 Day Ab Challenge.

Ab Challenge

I was planning to start this challenge at the start of this month but, again, the flu hindered that.  So I will be starting it very soon – probably next week, if not sooner.  I want to be in full flu-recovery before I begin this challenge because I don’t want to fail again – and this challenge looks pretty intense.  And to be honest, my tummy is just not up for the task yet (although I have been working my abs in my workouts).  I’m hoping (HOPING) that I will be back to great health soon, hopefully by next week, but as I mentioned in an earlier post, at this point I’m wondering if this flu bug is something more.

Once I do start the Ab Challenge I will post about it and the results.  I can truthfully say that my thighs are tighter and stronger from participating in the Squat Challenge and my goal is to begin it again either mid-month or at the start of June (I like to have an even 30 days to work with), so here’s aiming for that.

~Fit Bitch


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    doing this!

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  5. wondering

    Does this challenge help with love handles?

    • Good morning! Although there are no exercises that will target love handles specifically, the Ab Challenge will certainly help. However, cardio training is more effective at fat burning. Be sure to include suitable weight-lifting. These workouts allow your body to build lean muscle. Good luck.

      Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1076312

  6. zay

    just wondering how fit do you need to be able to complete this challenge??

    • Hi Zay…you do not need to be fit at all to complete this challenge. Do the exercises at your own pace – taking breaks when/if needed. Your body will grow stronger each day. You can do it! 🙂

      • lets be honest, im definitely out of shape. at 5’0″ and over 200 lbs im what people call “morbidly obese”. that being said, me and my friend have made a goal to complete this challenge. We are on day 11 (THANK GOD TOMORROW IS REST DAY!!!) and have really had no issues so far. We might not be able to do it as fast as someone in better shape, but i am able to finish and i strive to complete them all without stopping…..

        but i have to say, i never thought i would rather plank than do leg lifts. lol.

      • Lauren! How inspiring you are! Way to go on committing and sticking to this Challenge. I think it’s great and I’m rooting for you.
        Stick with it, doll….you’ll be great!

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  8. Vor

    Done & results are awesome! Now how do I maintain?

    • Hi…You can search other abs workouts (Insanity has some really great abs videos – which you may be able to find on YouTube, along with tons of others) or continue on with this same Challenge but not as consistently. As long as you’re doing exercises that engage your abs you should be able to maintain your results. Planks and reverse crunches are excellent and my faves.

  9. jess

    You can do this challenge every month if you wanted to. Once you finish the month just continue with the last week of exercises regularly. Abs are a muscles that you can work out everyday for the most part and not over due it.

  10. Kimberly

    Does this actually work? I was wanting to try it but if it don’t work I’m not wasting my time.

    • Result will vary, Kimberly. If you’re willing to put in the work and the time then you should have great results (an exercise regime is a result in its own). However, don’t expect to come out looking like a fitness model with rock-hard defined abs.

  11. Mark

    Hi I was wondering what’s the best foods to eat when going through the 30 day ab challenge? Thanks

    • Hi Mark,
      As with any healthy lifestyle, you’ll want to include a balanced diet of lean proteins (fish is one of the best things you can eat), fruits and veggies, healthy fats (nuts, olive and coconut oils, seeds) and fibre. And be sure to drink lots of water.
      Be careful of sugar, salt/sodium, carbonated drinks, alcohol as they can cause bloating.
      Depending on your height, weight, etc., you can do an online search to find a great nutrition program for yourself.
      Hope this is a helpful start. 🙂

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  14. 1/2 way thru, brutal, love it!

  15. jp

    what is the difference between sit-up and crunch?

    • A sit-up begins with you lying on your back. Your knees are bent with your feet on the floor. Your hands are behind your head or across your chest. The movement includes a tightening of your stomach as you lift your shoulders and chest toward your legs until you are in an upright position. This decreases the space between your ribs and hips. The lowering of the movement is performed slowly as you return your upper body to the floor.
      A crunch resembles half of a sit-up. You begin in the same position, lying on your back. Your knees are bent with your feet on the floor. Your hands are behind your head or across your chest. To perform a crunch, contract your stomach and lift your torso until your upper back loses contact with the floor.

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  18. Tiffany

    When doing this challenge, hiw long does each plank last? Bc that is a need to know in order to do a certain number of reps

  19. Can I use your picture in my blog? Of course I won’t forget to credit it to you.
    Thank before

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  21. Day 23 – this is horrible but really fun at the same time!! I love it!

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  23. Can I ask, how many times you should repeat every exercise?

    • Hi Celine – You do the exercises as directed: Day 1 = 15 sit ups, 5 crunches, 5 leg raises, 10 second plank / Day 2 = 20 sit ups, 8 crunches, 8 leg raises, 12 second plank, etc.
      However, if you’re already a pro or in pretty fit condition you can start a little higher. Perhaps start at 20 sit ups, 25 crunches, 25 leg raises, 15 second plank. I started at a higher number and I also incorporated the Challenge into my regular exercise routine.

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  25. Sreekumar

    Hi, does this really workout, plz tell me. and Does it causes any side effects?
    and i am suffering with lot of back pain, can i go ahead with this or not?
    This has to be done once in a day or twice in a day.

    • Hi there!
      This is a great workout that you can do on its own or as part of another fitness plan. It is not magic and, as with any exercise program, results will vary depending on the individual. As long as you exercise and follow a proper and healthy diet, you should expect to see results. Do not expect to see 6 pack abs in 30 days. That’s an unrealistic goal. But, with this challenge (as with, likely, any exercise) your body will tone and you should see and feel changes.
      If you have back issues, be careful with any exercise you do….if you are uncomfortable doing the sit ups (or crunches) simply omit them. Planks, done properly, are excellent for strengthening your back so definitely give those a whirl.
      The Challenge is designed for once a day but if you want to do it twice, I say go for it. 🙂

  26. GG

    I m on day 8 (free day) of the abs challenge and managing it quite well. Yesterday though, I found it quite hard going, and cannot imagine how tomorrow, I will manage 45 sit ups, 30 crunches and leg raises and a 35s plank. Do I have to complete all the excercises in 1 go, or can I do them in several lots, example, could I do say the sit ups in the morning, crunches lunchtime, leg raises tea time and plank evening?
    Thanks GG

    • Hey There! You can certainly split the exercises. You can separate thru the day as you suggested, or you can separate them during one workout….ex. start with the plank, rest or move onto another exercise (cardio or weights), then the crunches, followed by rest or another exercise, etc. If you wanted to do two of the exercises in the morning and the remaining two in the afternoon, that’s also an option.
      Keep at ‘er. 🙂

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  28. Cayla Laporte

    How many reps of each do you have to do?

    • Hi Cayla,
      The number of reps are listed for each exercise for each day. If you want to perform more sets of each, that is entirely up to you. If you’re accustomed to working out already and want a little more intensity, then by all means, perform more sets. However, once you’re further along in the Challenge you may want to go back to doing just one set of the reps. Good luck. 🙂

  29. Judy Harrison

    Wanted to know how to maintain after the 30 days. ?

    • Hi Judy. To maintain your hard work after completing the Ab Challenge, simply continue to do ab exercises several times a week* (at least 3 days). And, when you’re exercising other muscle groups continue to focus on your core and keep it tight. After a rest period, you can always complete the Challenge again – y’know..just for fun. 🙂
      *There are tons of ab exercises out there – YouTube has a plethora to choose from, Jillian Michaels, PopSugar, etc., or you can continue doing the exercises available here.

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  31. laine

    i am on my day 13. and i have seen changes already on my body. i see lines on my belly, i don’t feel laziness/dullness anymore, i feel lighter and i really felt that i lose weight. but i just want to ask if ever, how many months can u see the result? just an idea? or estimation?

    • Hey there! Congrats on getting halfway thru the challenge.
      Every person is different and all results will vary….just stick with it (and other excercises) and eat a healthy balanced diet and you should see results. 🙂

  32. David Jensen

    Hey! Saw this a while back, and kind of blew it off. Going to complete this challenge, and making an update blog as i go along. Im currently 5’11”, and roughly 180.

    I will surpass!

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  34. Hey There! Saw this challenge sometime back. But could start only this month. Going good till now(8th day, aka rest day). I have a question? How do you quantify planks? If say it is 30 planks, do you have to do the planks for 30 secs or 30 times. If it is 30 times, then how much time each plank should be of?

    • Hi there! The “s” in the plank portion stands for seconds. So at the start of the Ab Challenge, on day 1, you’ll plank for 10 seconds and on the last day you’ll hold your plank for 120 seconds (aka 2 minutes). 🙂

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  38. Marco Gudino


    I saw this challenge and I want to start it, but I have a question, I have grown my belly in the last 3 months, is this challenge, will only make my belly harder or it will help to reduce it?, I already started to eat healty and not so late at night. The challenge sounds really good.

    • Hello Marco! This is a tough question to answer because every body is built differently, and our genetics play a major role in our build. That being said, if you do this ab challenge and follow a healthy diet (and incorporate other forms of exercise, as well), then you will more than likely see results such as the whittling away of your “belly”. It sounds to me like you’re already on the right path and as long as you stay on it then you should expect great results (although, try not to expect those “rock hard abs” in 30 days). Also, be sure to drink plenty of water. 🙂

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  42. Kim

    Hey there! I too have had this challenge in the long list of photos on my phone for years. Well, I came across it Saturday and have been working on the challenge for 2 days now! 🙂 My concern is the fact that I had a partial hysterectomy in December and have put on quite the pooch for a belly! I am looking to get more definition in my abdomen and am hoping this program will help me achieve just that. My diet is mostly healthy. I treat myself to a sweet once per week and keep the carbs to a minimum. I also lift weights regularly on a bodybuilding program and do cardio 4 days per week. My question is: Have you had any experience with ladies who have been in the same boat as me and have had amazing results with this challenge? Thanks for this workout!! Love it so far!

    • Hi Kim! Thanks for coming to the blog to post. Isn’t it funny how we bookmark or pin things all the time but then don’t do anything with them. I am guilty of doing that all the time.

      As for your question – here’s the thing – the tummy can be a hard area to tone. Especially for women, as we have this lovely extra layer of fat around our middle (to protect our babes). But, the more we exercise our bodies and follow a proper diet, with those efforts we can certainly whittle the middle to look toned and trim.

      I hope this answers your question. (By the way, you seem to have a really great grasp regarding your workouts and eating habits! Awesome!)

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  44. foamymedia

    love these challenges

    I tried this one – https://30dayfitnesschallenge.co.uk/30-day-abs-challenge/

    seems to work well within the 4 weeks!

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