A Key to Good Health


I used to get sick…a lot.  I’d get colds and the flu and almost every year I’d end up with either pneumonia or bronchitis (I’ve had lung issues since I was a baby).  When I was younger I missed a lot of school and when I was really young I was in the hospital several times due to illness.

I hate getting sick.  I’m sure no one likes it, but when I get sick I’m a big whiny, sniffly baby.  It sucks.

One thing I’ve learned since I started exercising faithfully: I don’t get sick.

My boyfriend has been sick quite a lot this past wintery season and he’s commented several times that “You never get sick.  Even with all your health problems, you don’t get sick.”  And he’s right.

He and I have been together almost 5 years and in that time I have been in fairly good health.  When we first started dating I had a nasty throat infection and a weird bug that caused my whole body to ache to the point that I could barely stand up to go pee.  And last year I had bronchitis for 9 weeks but it wouldn’t have gotten to that point if dirty old men in my office would learn to cover their mouths when coughing.  But other than that I have been in good health, especially after being around so many sick people: coworkers, family members, boyfriend, friends.  I’m very fortunate that I have maintained good health.  But anyone can do this.  Exercise is a key.

Doing something that feels good and makes you healthier (the same can be said for sex, y’all!) just makes sense.  Start with a vigorous walk if you have to.  But start somewhere.  I don’t know if every person will get to the point of craving exercise like I do but if a little bit of physical activity a few times a week can help stave off “that cold that’s going around” then why would you not want to get moving?

Studies have shown that regular exercise significantly increases life expectancy and improves overall health. It’s never too late to improve your health through regular exercise.

~Fit Bitch


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